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I.C.E. Vs. Max-OT. Who Will Win?

Two contenders enter the ring. Who will emerge victorious? Read on to see what program would be best for you and why the ICE program seems to be the early favorite for numerous reasons.

Rocky Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Tonight we have a grueling match for you. In the blue corner, weighing in at a trim 180 pounds, MAX-OT!

In the red corner, a slugger from Philadelphia (I'm a Rocky fan, remember), weighing in at a tremendous 200 pounds, the one, the only, I.C.E. This looks to be a very intense fight.

Each fighter has their own different style. This could get ugly. The fighters make their way to the center of the ring. Here comes the bell, ding ding.

Contenders Roster.
Name Of Fighter Location

What Does I.C.E. Stand For?
Intensity, Consistency, Efficiency.

Round One (Reps)

Blow-By-Blow Results, Part I.
4-6 reps 4-6 reps
  6-8 reps
  8-10 reps
  10-12 reps
  12-15 reps
  15-18 reps
  20+ reps

As you can see, MAX-OT deals solely with the 4-6 rep range. Every exercise is done in the 4-6 rep range. This leaves no room for personalization. The 4-6 rep range does not work for everyone. This is a major flaw for MAX-OT.

I.C.E., on the other hand, allows the individual choose the rep range. I.C.E. does not have a set rep range. This routine allows you to find and use the rep range which works best for you. This round goes to I.C.E.

The I.C.E. Training Program! The I.C.E. Training Program!
After having enlightened you with some information on nutrition and supplements, that leaves me only with training information left to give.
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Round Two (Sets)

Blow-By-Blow Results, Part II.
6-9 sets per bodypart Depends on recuperation

MAX-OT suggests 6-9 sets per body part. The amount of sets for I.C.E. depends on the amount of calories you consume and how much sleep you get. This could mean 12-16 sets for some people. Again, I.C.E. is set up to satisfy your individual needs. It looks like round two goes to I.C.E.

Round Three (Intensity)

There are no super-sets, forced reps, or any other intensity increasers in MAX-OT. It is strictly, do a set, rest, set, rest. Not to say you can't have an intense workout like this, you can, but it limits the intensity that could be added. The 4-6 rep range is very intense though.

Especially when doing exercises like squats and deadlifts. I.C.E. incorporates many intensity methods. A method which I have just started doing is the pre-exhaust method. One way of doing this is to do an isolation exercise for a body-part followed by a heavy exercise.

For example, to pre-exhaust your pecs, do 4 sets of flat flies. Follow that up with 4 sets of Incline Dumbbell Presses. This really hits the muscle hard. It looks like I.C.E. has got MAX-OT in the corner.

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Round Four (The Pump!)

The pump! There is nothing better than seeing your muscles swollen because they are filled up with blood. A good pump is important, because it allows muscles to absorb more nutrients. This will not only increase your gains but also speed up recovery time.

With MAX-OT, you do get a pump. The 4-6 rep range can give you a pretty good pump, but a higher rep range will increase your pump. Right now, I am working biceps and triceps synergistically (

I must say, the pump is amazing. When I am done with my workout, my arms are about an inch bigger than when they are cold. When I flex my bicep, it is so hard and full, it feels like it could explode. Ouch! I.C.E. just landed a tough hook.

I.C.E. Program #14 - Training Arms Synergistically! I.C.E. Program #14 - Training Arms Synergistically!
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Round Five (Variety)

I.C.E. recommends cycling certain exercises. For example, do incline dumbbell press one week, then do incline barbell press the next. You could also add an exercise every other week. Week one do flyes, week two don't do them. This is a great way to shock your muscles.

MAX-OT has a set plan, where you do the same exercises, in the same order, every week. This one could be over folks.

It may seem like I am totally dissing MAX-OT. I followed MAX-OT for about eight months. It is a good program, but it is very one dimensional. Everything is set in stone. Four to six reps, six to nine sets, etc. I do not like this program because it is not set up for everyone. Not everyone will gain from the 4-6 rep range. I like I.C.E. because it is set up to suit your individual needs.

It is very easy to become stuck on one routine. For awhile, I believed the MAX-OT was the best way to train. I had never really followed a routine like I followed MAX-OT. It is important to experiment and try new things. This is the only way to find what works best for you. I am also not saying to never use MAX-OT. It might work great for you.


Keep your options open. Don't think that there is only one way to train. Again, keep an open mind. Have more questions about MAX-OT? Check out my Q&A pages:

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