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What To Do With Parents?

'You are getting too big, you are starting to look like a freak.' Your parents should accept that you are very serious about your health and bodybuilding.

Let me see those supplements your taking! I think you are drinking too much water! You are getting too big! If you parents are like mine, they do not really approve of your bodybuilding lifestyle. They think that you are obsessed with bodybuilding and that it is the only thing you care about. My parents were really bad for a while. It was not until I yelled at them, about what I do and why I do it, that they started to back off. I am not saying to go and yell at your parents or anything like that, that's just what I had to do. It is very discouraging when you Dad tells you, "You are getting too big, you are starting to look like a freak." Your parents should accept that you are very serious about your health and bodybuilding. I interviewed a teen bodybuilder whose parents disagreed with his lifestyle:
Derek says: Why do your parents not want you to be a bodybuilder? They believe that it is not "appealing" to be a beast. They also believe that most bodybuilders are not right in the head, like muscle makes people dumb, right.

Derek says: Do they have issues with the way you eat or the supps you take? With The food yes......... Supps no, never used any (yet). If I want anything special to eat like another meal or something, I would have to fix it myself. And usually there isn't anything suitable to cook.

Derek says: What do they think about your appearance? They claim that I need to lose weight. I "look fat". Not my fault, I'm not totally cut yet. Another thing...... They won't let me but or possess the mags like FLEX, MuscleMag, etc. I've been punished for it before.

This guy's parents punished him for having a weightlifting magazine! That's pretty harsh. One thing that gets on my nerves is, when you say something like, "I had trouble falling asleep last night," or "I have a headache," your parents immediately ask to see the supplements your taking because they are sure that what's causing the problem. Yeah, I'm sure that whey protein gave me a headache. Come on, it's healthy than the junk yeah pour down their throats. I suggest you learn how to cook as well. I cook or prepare just about all the food I eat myself. If you parents do not approve of you bodybuilding, they certainly are not going to cook you 6 meals a day.

Here are some things you can do to help for parents to appreciate or understand what you do. Give them articles on nutrition. My parents thought that I was eating to much protein, so I showed them some articles that showed that people who weighted lifts need more protein than the average person. Show them how important it is to drink water. Show them why you need to eat the amount of calories you do. Just you telling them will not make them understand. Tell them to try staying on a diet and exercising four times a week for just one week. When I told my parents to try this, it lasted for two days. By the second day, they were eating junk food and did not feel like working out. When we don't feel like working out, guess what, we workout anyways.

Ask them to exercise with you. Try to get them involved in what you do. They might eventually enjoy working out themselves.

If your parents do not want you to take a certain supplement (For example creatine), you can take it without them even noticing. I recently finished my first ever cycle of creatine. My parents still don't have any clue that I took it. One reason they would not want you to take creatine is because they are misinformed about it. All the media ever does is bash creatine and say that teens should not take it. So if you don't want to go behind their backs, let them read some articles on creatine. has a lot of great articles on supplements for your parents to read.

Just ignore your parents! Sometimes this is hard, but it might be your only choice.

The important thing to remember is that you are doing something you enjoy. Nothing anyone could ever say to me would make me stop lifting. As bodybuilders, we have to overcome obstacles. For some, parents are an obstacle. It would be great if are parents bought us our protein powder and encouraged us to lift, but for some, that is only a dream.