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Callum's Training Journal: Week 4-6.

I was really into fitness and I got a copy of Muscle and Fitness mainly for the 'fitness' section. However, after awhile I began to desire the 'muscle' part more and haven't looked back.

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Week 4- Week 6

Well it has been a long time since drinks. I have been extremely busy of late but now that I have actually begun university I am pretty sure I will have more time to dedicate to writing articles and journals however I might make them fortnightly as opposed to weekly.

There has been many changes to training over the past three weeks. The two main ones are I have changed gyms and I am back training with my old partner, Steve.

We used to train at a gym but it was just too far for me to travel, as we live on opposite sides of town, so we began training by ourselves. However we are now at university and making full use of there facilities out there. The gym is good, not great but good. It is missing some of my favs, for example a pullover machine and a GOOD cable station, but has extra power racks and a platform for deadlifting/weightlifting.

As far as training has gone we have got right back to basics: Heavy benches, heavier lockouts, deadlifts, deadlift lockouts, squats, leg presses, rows, dips etc. and things are going well. My chest has never been bigger as now I can go to failure without worrying about breaking ribs, although Steve has trouble lifting the bar after really heavy negatives. My deadlift lockouts have gone up 40kgs in only three weeks and I am feeling strong.

As I said before I have added cardio, 2-3 mornings a week for 20 minutes and I think that has been beneficial, I have lost body fat while gaining weight. So far I think I have gained a bit over 3 kgs of muscle however I will test my body fat next week and know for sure.

As for supplements I am only using 2: creatine and Z-Mass PM (I will discuss these in a later article). I am going to add some Methoxy in the form of Gen MX7 when my next shipment from arrives and I hope that will help even more.

That is about it at the moment, next time I will include a full routine and more so until then remember:

Both tears and sweat are salty, but they render a different result. Tears will get you sympathy, sweat will get you change.
-Jesse Jackson

Keep growing,