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Make Weight Lifting Fun!

If you feel you have reached a plateau, do not give up, because it is a natural part of working out. Here are a few tips that might help you to make your lifting experience more enjoyable!

From time to time weight lifting can seem to get boring. Always doing the same thing over and over again. It might even cause some of you to quit lifting all together since you got bored of it. Well, let's make sure that never happens.

Five Fun Workout Tips

dot 1. Workout With Friends And/Or Family: dot

    For me this does the trick. I love working out with a few friends. It also increases the likelihood of you showing up at the gym.

    Make sure that the person or people that you bring have the same goals and interests. That way you two will most likely be doing the same routine and he/she can spot you or help you out when needed.

I Love Working Out With A Few Friends.
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I Love Working Out With A Few Friends.

dot 2. Expect Plateaus: dot

    If you feel you have reached a plateau, do not give up it is a natural part of working out. Make sure you change up your the exercises, sets, repetitions and order of your workout. You may even want to try a new workout all together to help you break out of it.

    You just have to stay in there and try to find ways of making your work out more exciting and fun as you go through this plateau.

In A Rut? Don't Just Sit There!
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Stuck In A Rut?
Some folks don't even realize they're in a rut, as they religiously plod along, training day after day, convinced that everything is fine ...
Tim Wescott

dot 3. Don't Get Down: dot

    Every once in a while you might choose to hang out with friends instead of workout. Do not let this get you down. Or else the thought of you not going to the gym might make it harder to get back into it.

    Just enjoy the decision that you made and hit the gym harder then you were before on your next workout.

Do Not Let This Get You Down.
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Do Not Let This Get You Down.

dot 4. Set Goals: dot

    Goal setting can be an ultimate way of keeping weightlifting enjoyable. You just have to think in such a way that every time you do go to the gym, you're getting closer to accomplishing your goals.


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dot 5. Just Do It! dot

    Once you start to get great results. Then you will see how the hard work and sometimes boredom was all worth it. Just try to make weightlifting exciting as possible that way every time you enter the gym or weight bench in your garage you feel like a million bucks.