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Review Of The Killer Leg Workout!

On my way to the gym I started getting a bit nervous. Because, I have never tried a workout like this before and I knew that pain was in store for me. What I didn't know was how much pain there would be.

A few weeks back I got a supplement order in the mail, and I was looking over my receipt. I looked in the back of it and there was a preview of an article, featured articles and even a product or two for sale. I believe calls it "The Back Page". I never really paid much attention to it until this day. I started reading the preview of an article entitled "The KILL Leg Workout". This was probably one of the best articles I have ever read and I knew I would have to try it for myself.

Before I get into my review of it here is the program itself. Six sets of 15 rep leg presses with 20 seconds rest in between, followed (with 60 seconds rest) with 3 sets of triple drop sets on the hack squat of 12 reps each. One minute rest between each of the 3 sets and one minute of rest after all three are completed then off to the lying leg curl for the same thing, 3 sets of triple drops for 12 reps each. So far it sounds pretty hard to accomplish and trust me it really is.

On my way to the gym I started getting a bit nervous. Because, I have never tried a workout like this before and I knew that pain was in store for me, just not how much. I wasn't really sure how much weight to put on the leg press machine since I was going to be doing 6 sets of 15 reps. I was not going to put my usual 3 set of 6 rep weight on there. There was no way in hell I was going to do that. Especially with only 20 seconds of rest between each set. So I started warming up, and eventually I found a weight that was reasonable. Once I started my first real set was when I asked myself, "What am I thinking?" After about the 13th rep I was already starting to struggle to get the weight up. Plus some really stinky guy sitting next to me wasn't making it any easier. Once the first set was over I loved those 20 seconds to rest. Trust me while doing this those 20 seconds become your best friend. Not much happened during the next five sets of leg pressing so let me sum up it up, "HELL." I wanted to stop by the third set, I couldn't handle it but somehow I did. Maybe it was the extra 10 seconds I added between each set :). I don't know but whatever it was I am thankful for it. I put my gym towel over my head when I was done and just sat, as I knew that the next thing was about to come up Mr. Hack Squat. Saying that in my head really really sucked. I just wanted to go home, but you have to do what you have to do. So I walked over to the hack squat machine.

In this workout you're supposed to do everything with a partner especially these triple drop sets that are coming up. However, I really don't like working out with a partner cause they always end up annoying and distracting me. Which is why in this next exercise I had to be fast while I was switching weights. During my minute of rest I gathered all the weights I was going to need to do the triple drop sets.

*Sigh* I knew I had to get started. Since these were going to be drop sets, at the beginning I started out with my regular 6 rep weight. By the time I got to the 5th rep I couldn't do it anymore. So I took off two twenty five's and kept on going until I had two reps left to go, so I took off two 10 ponders and finished off my set. I'm not really sure that's exactly how to do drop sets. But, that's how I do them. This hurts a lot and if there is any other harder way then I will just stick with this :). When I finished with the hack squat machine I felt really dizzy. This only happens once in a while to me but, when it does I get a little happy cause that means I am having a good workout (If you start to get dizzy don't automatically think that your having a good workout, it usually only happens when working out legs cause your legs sends some message to your brain or something like that. Be sure that if you get dizzy to sit down and drink lots and lots of water.) . I started to make my way out of the gym when I realized I still had a little more to do. : ( I was sad.

I almost started whining to myself telling myself to just stop. Well, maybe I did start whining, but that didn't stop me. Off to the leg curl machine. I did the same with this as I did with the hack squat machine. Starting off with my normal weight the going lower and lower. In the middle of my first set my little brother came up to me, "How much longer? I want to go home." Grrrr... I thought, as I was finishing up my set. "Hurry up" dang, can't little brothers piss you off? They sure piss me off. He kept on bugging and bugging me but, since I'm such a nice brother I decided to stop after the second set. It's not like it hurt too much I just wanted to be nice you know?

OK, so maybe I didn't do the workout exactly right, but at least I can say, "I survived the Kill, well most of it anyway."