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Save Money On Supplements!

this article is about how us citizens of Australia can save big bucks on one of your most expensive bills. That bill being supplements.

Firstly, let me apologize for the title. But really what else was I going to name it? Anyway this article is about how us citizens of Australia can save big bucks on one of your most expensive bills. That bill being supplements.

Let me just say there are many fine supplement companies in Australia, Max's, BodyRipped and Vital Strength to name three. However international brands still make up a large percentage of sales down under. By the time they are imported and marked up they do get a bit expensive. This is where come in. Even with the low Aussie dollar it is far more economical to buy some supplements from the USA through

Here are some examples of three products I have bought from

GEN MX7 - This product is a product of the USA so by the time it reaches our selves it is marked up a bit. It can usually be picked up from about A$105 but averages A$110. If you were to purchase it through and get it shipped by air mail, it would arrive within 2 weeks and only cost A$90. A Saving of A$20.

Z-Mass PM- To the best of my knowledge, this product cannot be bought in Australia, and is usually distributed via New Zealand. Ordering it from NZ would cost you about A$100 a bottle. However through and sent by air it would only cost about A$70. A Saving of A$30.

AST ALA 200- In Australia about A$80. via air mail A$70. A Saving of A$10.

So if you used these products each month you would save A$60 per month, and that's a lot of money.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of ordering from

-Same products only cheaper
-Some products not available in Australia but ARE legal.

-You will have to wait about 2 weeks for them to arrive, but what's the problem if you save.
-Some larger tubs may cost too much to post and hence there is no real saving.

Even though there are really more disadvantages I feel the advantages far outweigh them. An that is why I use for all my supplements.

There are some points to be careful of however:

-Andro and prohormones are illegal in Australia as is ephedrine and yohimbine. ORDER AT OWN RISK. Customs will removed them if they are stopped but they should send the rest of the package on. The end result is you lose money.

-Some products available over the counter in Australia require a permit for import e.g. Tribulus.

-Check out for more details and also visit and order the supplement guide, its free, to check what you can and can't have.

Remember is a great way to save just don't make the same mistake a friend of mine did and order anything illegal.

Don't emulate Arnold, be better than Arnold!

Until next time,