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Bodybuilding Methods Review!

In this article I will review and give my opinion on many of the methods and people which preach methods regarding how you should train.

In this article I will review and give my opinion on many of the methods and people which preach methods regarding how you should train.

Joe Weider (Muscle and Fitness/Flex)

To be honest, lots of people give these two mags a reasonably bad rap. However, everybody and I mean everybody uses their methods whether they know it or not. I have never seen either mag prescribe a bad routine.

Now don't misquote me. In these mags we always see the pro's routines and people say whoa too much, overtraining etc., but could someone somewhere, find me a mag where they actually say to do the routine. Sure the pro may say do this routine for bigger biceps, but who would take notice of that. The beginner programs in muscle and fitness are on the money and the one I found in Flex is even better. I am not saying these methods are the best or even good for drug-free trainers, but I am saying it is not total b.s. Just look at the routines on this site to see what I mean.
Rating: B

Steve Holman (Ironman)

I am biased toward Ironman, but I think this is because I like what it preaches. Fewer sets, more simulation etc. Holman's Positions of Flexion has helped myriad bodybuilders around the world pack on mass, some even 20 pounds in 10 weeks. It is a smart and sensible way of training. The other contributors such as John Hansen and old -choolers George Turner and the teachings of the late Vince Gironda are also geared toward natural athletes who want the most out of their training. I thoroughly recommend you read Ironman or buy any of the books: Critical mass, compound aftershock or 10-week size surge. (all available at
Rating: A

Bill Phillips (Body-for-Life)

The 20-minute cardio solution is possibly the greatest breakthrough in fat loss ever. I know this is a bold statement, but I can attest; it is amazing. I have never tried his weight training program, however it too looks like it could work well incorporating pyramiding and supersets. If you do the 20-minute cardio, do it first thing on an empty stomach and try not to eat for a hour after.

Additional Body-for-Life Info
Rating: A


The idea of hit muscle failure in the most efficient way is good, however this system of such low reps is really only for those who have a greater percentage of fast twitch muscle fibers as opposed to slow twitch.
Rating: C+

Mike Mentzer (HIIT)

I am not a fan of HIIT. I just can see how it would work. Also I know my muscles would atrophy due to extended breaks.
Rating: C-

Pump Magazine

Good Photos and steroid and prohormone info. Things that don't interest me in the least. Unless you are on juice avoid.
Rating: D+

There you have it just my opinions regarding some of the methods and philosophies out there. But remember just because I don't like them doesn't me you won't. I would love to hear your opinions so don't hesitate to email me.

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