Healthy Eating!

Beware of the 'best way' diets out there like weight watchers, Jenny Craig, yes even Body for Life where the people claim that their diet is the only diet for losing weight.

If you walk up and down the street, maybe coming home from school, or the gym you will look around and see that a lot of the people are obese or something on their body wiggles around. This is mostly because Americans have some of the highest disposable incomes in the world, they prefer to go for the quick return on their stalks, or the quickest way to gain, or loose weight. They are not very patient people, so how does this apply to body building you ask?

THE ANSWER IS: at your job's flipping the burgers that make people fat. You are a Body Builder, and you will be noticed if you are doing stuff right. You can make the world better, more heath conscious, by one person at a time by asking them "do you want fries, or a really Healthy Salad with that?" (At least they have salads at McDonalds® in Canada.) With your large arms and thick neck they will look themselves over and begin questioning their life styles. If the customer orders, a Coke™ or Pepsi™ ask them "Would you feel better if that were diet?" Make sure that you type their order in you are flexing your arms. Because that way you REALLY make them think about their diet without really offending them, but I would warn you choose your words carefully especially with the very obese people especially women. (SEE BOTTOM OF ARTICLE)

When with your friends at the mall, go to the healthiest place, which is easy for me, because I live in Calgary and usually shop at Chinook Centre, which has the largest food court in the world. Again, if you are a bulkier person make sure you try to have one of your more balanced meals. Also, refer to "Eating out The Low Fat Way." When eating at a real restaurant, believe me it gets people's attention. A large group of friend's and I went out for supper after our Grade 9 Farewell. I sat with people who I have not been to a restaurant with before, and I ordered a Chicken Caesar. I asked the server "I would like the Dressing on the side, tell the chef to please boil the chicken, and do not put anything extra on it." My meticulous eating habits annoyed the server. Nevertheless, got the attention of the people sitting next to me, I got to talk to them about a proper diet and gave them advice on how to gain weight quickly.

There is no better feeling than making gains and spreading them to the world, which is why this is the best Body Building site on the Internet. You have your job, but it does not stop there you can continue making America better, and more heath conscious. You can do this by using your pay cheque to buy lifting straps, or supplements, have you ever brought a Protein Bar to school as a part of your lunch? As you take it out of the bag and start opening this monster-sized bar, people get a curious look on their face. Quite often, what happens is they usually take out their puny Quaker Oat Cereal Bar and offer it to you in exchange. Break off a piece and give it to who ever ask' (warn them of the taste ahead of time.)

A note of warning: to these words, do not force your eating habits on people who are close to you and you know very well (that doesn't include encouraging people to eat healthy.) Most of the obese people I know are depressed, and lonely, or horny much like the divorce rate it is a repetitive cycle if their parents are fat than they will most likely be fat. It is A GENETIC weakness and loosing weight is lot harder for them. So if one of your friends is obese, make sure when you hang out or shopping with that person you bring other friends along and encourage him to eat at subway with you. Nevertheless, before you do something like that, I encourage you TALK TO YOUR PARENTS. They might even talk to your friend's parents and get them a gym membership with you. The most important thing in America today is that we get the message out that health living is possible.

However beware of the "best way" diets out there like weight watchers, Jenny Craig, yes even Body for Life where the people claim that their diet is the only diet for losing weight. I plan to discuss these corporate giants in a later article. You must remember even through genetics our bodies are 100% different and what works for one person will not necessarily work for another. Things that are the same, and must be present are; desire commitment, dedication, focus, and drive. Those must be present at school, work, our diet, our time at the gym... Yes even to all our friends.