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Teen Transformation Of The Week - Brandon C.

Brandon was tired of always being called the skinny kid, so he decided to make a change. He researched everything he could about diet and exercise, and began making dramatic gains. Read on to learn how he packed on 35 pounds of solid muscle!

Before Before:
140 lbs
After After:
175 lbs

Vital Stats

Name: Brandon
BodySpace: mrbrndn15

Age: 16
Weight: 140 lbs
Body Fat: 14%
Height: 6'1"
Max Bench: 100 lbs

Age: 19
Weight: 175 lbs
Body Fat: 10%
Height: 6'3"
Max Bench: 190 lbs

Why I Got Started

It all started my junior year of high school when I met up with a girl on a blind date and she said she had a good time but said I was too skinny for her to date. I was upset but realized I was a bit too skinny and was tired of everyone calling me the skinny kid.

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Brandon's Progress.

I always wanted to start weightlifting but didn't really have a reason because I was an avid distance runner, after being told too many times I was so skinny I decided to start bodybuilding. I also started because I really wanted to improve my health and looks.

How I Did It

Reading the internet and magazines helped me learn a lot to get started. I also purchased some dumbbells and a cheap old bench press set from my friend for $20. In a matter of six months I had a 6-pack and decent sized biceps but nothing else, I realized I wasn't doing all the right exercises and went back into the reading.

I came across only about a year ago and realized it was the tool I need to change my body. I started reading everything about nutrition, workouts, exercises, spending hours per day on rather than playing video games.

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I Wanted To Improve My Health & Looks.

When I got to college I started utilizing all the available workout machines and on summer break I also signed up for a decent gym less than five minutes from my house. Since I have started my current routine I've been making some pretty dramatic gains.

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I've Been Making Some Dramatic Gains.

I gained about 20 pounds of muscle in that year, while dropping 2% body fat, and people were commenting me on my muscle gains in my arms and chest. Even though I feel and look great I have plans to keep up the hard work. I have a goal to be a fitness model in about 2-3 years and would like to gain another 15 pounds of pure muscle.




    Weekend: Off/Cardio

Suggestions For Others

My recommendation to other people who are looking to improve is to never give up, to always lift and eat smart, and research to know what you are doing. It's also never bad to try a new thing if the old thing isn't working.

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Always Lift & Eat Smart.

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