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Record Breaking Workouts!

Remember your last real good workout. The kind where you don't just beat what you did the week before, you destroy it.

Have a great workout every time.

Remember your last real good workout. The kind where you don't just beat what you did the week before, you destroy it. You feel good about yourself the rest of the day, everything seems to work right that day. Ever had a bad workout? You know the kind where you just can't top what you did last week, your concentration levels are low, and you just want to leave. The rest of the day you feel like crap. Sure, we all have these once in a while. The question is, how often are you having them. More than once a month, if so, you got some problems. Keep reading, because I'm going to tell you what to do to end these days.

The first thing you need to analyze is your sleep patterns. If you aren't getting in upwards of 6-8 hours per night, your performance in the gym is going to be effected. Sure, at first it may not seem like it, but not only will you be physically tired, but also mentally. If you can't think, you can't concentrate and your intensity just won't be there. Not only will you have better workouts, but also as I'm sure you already know, sleep is where your body recovers and builds muscle. If you're having trouble sleeping, I'd suggest some valerian root to help calm you. If it continues, go see a doctor (they'll give you some stuff that will really knock you out, believe me).

Next is your diet. Yeah, that's right, another reason to be eating 6 balanced meals per day. If you're eating is sporadic, or you eat 3500 calories one day, then 1800 the next, your body is going to be effected, and your energy levels will be low, not too mention that low amount of calories isn't going to allow you to put on any mass. Whoa, is there a correlation here between energy levels and building muscle? 6 meals per day, each one containing protein and carbohydrates will give you the energy to sustain both mental and physical focus. Oh, and let's not forget drinking at least a gallon of water per day. Water is involved in every function in your body and it aids in digestion.

Is your life stressful? Do you worry about things? Sure, we all do, but you need to forget all this when you enter the gym. Worry about it outside the gym, but when you get inside, it's a battleground. Nothing else matters but you and the weight. Do whatever it takes to forget any stresses or anxiety when you lift, this will also have an impact on your workout quality.

Lastly we'll talk about supplements. Of course you can take some caffeine or ephedrine to help you get up for a workout, but your body adapts, so I would limit this to once per week. Vitamins are where it's at. Each micronutrient controls thousands of bodily functions, many work in synergy. So just imagine if you're deficient in one. Keeping your body properly fueled with a good multi-vitamin will make sure that all of these bio-chemical reactions take place. Next is one of my personal favorites, Ginkgo. I'm not going to go into all the benefits of supplementing with it, you can read that in my past article, but I will tell you that it increases concentration and intensity greatly.

So let's recap:
8 hours of sleep per night
6 meals per day
At least a gallon of water per day
Supplement with a multivitamin and Ginkgo

Now stop complaining and start having some productive workouts.

Till next time, keep pumping.