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Online Training Journal Archive!

Previous Training Journal Online! See my past development and plans then look at my current plans to see how I have improved them!

- Sept. 14th, 2000 to Oct. 15th, 2000 -

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Hey and welcome to my training journal.

My name is Ben, I'm 17 and I've been bodybuilding for the past 2 and a bit years. I feel in love with bodybuilding as soon as I started it and would have to say it's more of a lifestyle than a sport! I had to stop bodybuilding for medical reasons 3 months ago but I am now ready to get back into it and I am more motivated then ever! My aim in writing this journal is mainly to help out teen bodybuilders who are really quite overlooked and uneducated in bodybuilding and also to help out older, less experienced bodybuilders.

My diary will include my goals, supplements (bought of course from's Online Store), nutrition, cardio training and weights training. It will be a day by day training journal and will be updated everyday!

I am a natural bodybuilder and strongly believe it's naturally or not at all!

I hope my diary will prove to people that it's possible to go to work and/or school and still have lots of time to train.

I want to help as many people as I can through my diary and will be open to any questions you have, just email me at

Thanks, enjoy and happy growing,

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Entry One - Thursday September 14th

Here's my workout split that I'll be working with along with the nutrition and supplements I'll be using.

Supplements: Creatine is the only thing I will definitely be using - this will change though.

Nutrition: The majority of my nutrition will come from Protein Shakes, Rice, Eggs, Chicken Sandwiches, Fruit and Salad. In a few days I will include my daily meals. I am going to be basing myself on a Protein filled diet - the protein allows for maximum growth!

Workout Split:
Monday: Quads/Hams/Calves
Tuesday: Abs and Cardio
Wednesday: Biceps/Back
Thursday: Abs and Cardio
Friday: Shoulders/Triceps/Chest
Saturday: Abs and Cardio
Sunday: Rest Day

My next entry will be on Saturday, my first training session in the gym for about 3 months!! Wish my luck :)

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Entry Two - Saturday September 16th

Well I finally got back in the gym after 3 whole months. It seemed really change being there but it wasn't a hard session because i'm just easing myself back in really - 2 soft sessions then i'll be going at it as hard as i can!

All i did today was run on the treadmill for 5miles and then did a small ab workouts consisting of crunches, leg raises reverse crunches - nothing hard at all!

And by the way if you can avoid using a treadmill for your cardio it's alot better because excessive use of a treadmill will likely give you very painful shin splints and beleive me it is painful!

Here's my diet for the day:
Meal 1 - 8am
8 Weetabix
3 egg whites
1 litre of water
Meal 2 - 10:30am
2 Chicken and Salad sandwiches
no butter/margarine
1 Chicken Breast
1 litre of water
Meal 3 - 1pm
Brown Rice
1 litre of water
Meal 4 - 4pm
2 Chicken and Salad sandwiches
no butter/margarine
1 litre of water
Meal 5 - 7pm
Steak and lots of salad
1 litre of Water
Meal 6 - 10:30pm
Brown Rice
1 litre of water

Besides the very plain tasting rice that is a very nice nutrition plan - so tasty! :P Even though it's not going to cut me up it does enough to give me the energy i need at this stage of training. I'm not aiming for a contest or anything just wanting to build muscle mass at the moment so i don't really care TOO much. But I am also putting alot of cardio into my program at the start just to get fit quick.

If you take a look at my nutrition plan there's 6 litres of water - i actually drink about 8 because i sip water all day long. My view is bodybuilders should NEVER have yellow urine it should always be clear - this means they are well hydrated and are drinking lots of water.

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Entry 3 - Monday 30th September

Hey everyone!
Sorry I couldn't write yesterday I've been so busy and haven't had time to in between going to the gym, watching the olympics and replying to the huge reply that I had from people for the 5 spots for free online personal training. I actually got about 25-30 replies for that from people 16 and under which is great to see because I didn't anticipate so many teens to be surfing the site!

Anyway unfortunately I can't offer that any more due to my own time restraints BUT what I am going to do is get a message board up on the site for you to post questions on and I will answer them daily!

In the meantime if you do have any questions of your own I'd love to answer them at

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Entry 4 - Tuesday 19th September

Today was just a day of cardio for me. A 3 mile run and a 8 mile ride on the bike as well as a small Ab workout just making sure to keep to my nutrition plan.

Seeing as today had no excitement i'll just give you yesterdays workout seeing as i used it up talking about the help via email.

Yesterdays workout was an absolute killer - legs always are!

I absolutely blasted my quads to death with squats. My face was going purple with the strain of the last few reps!

I didn't go as hard on my hamstrings yesterday because i was feeling kinda light-headed after my quads but i worked my calves (which are mine and most peoples weak spots) through seated and standing calve raises.

I won't be putting my journal entries on the site till Saturday but I may have a few more articles on the site in between. If you haven't read any of my articles yet then check them out here! When i do write on saturday i'm going to include the following things:
- Mood (rating out of 10)
- Energy (rating out of 10)
- Supplements (supplied by the online store)
- Food for the day
- Weights Workout
- Cardio Workout
- My goals
and maybe some other things - we'll see.

In the mean time enjoy my articles and all the other great info on the site - i hope to provide you with a printable journal template similar to mine for you to print out and create your own journals at home - Journals are equivalent to the shoes of a 100m athelete - without them you're doomed :)

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Entry 5 - Thursday 21st September

Primarily I am aiming to burn body fat over the next couple of weeks before getting into the bulk up stage where I will bulk up and then following that I will cut up.

In the long term I am working on getting huge and having a great physique for a contest earliest next year.

I am making it a priority to keep a very strict diet away from junk food completely if I can help it and with the right supplements. I am using Creatine along with 3 meal replacement powders full of protein :) Muscletech Mesotech is my favorite one also Nexus Fat Burning Protein is great too! I also am using Dymatize Total Nutrition System MRP. All these supplements are great and can be purchased at's online store!

  • I plan to make sure I go to every workout that I have planned to do and make sure I do my cardio as a key element to my program.
  • I want to maintain 100% focused over the next few months towards the contest and improving my physique.
  • I will have pics up on the site in a few weeks and will update them every three weeks!
  • I will assess each workout and diet daily and will make all necessary changes.
  • I aim to maintain a low calorie diet in the next two weeks and to supplement correctly.
  • Keep a detailed journal (separate to this one) everyday and keep every bit of info possible.
  • And of course enjoy what I am doing and make the best gains I can possibly achieve whilst helping others online at to achieve their goals.

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Entry 6 - Tuesday 26th September

Rather than detail my every workout everyday I'll do it every 3 or 4 days. Sorry but it's hard to write every night.

A reminder to everyone who has not yet seen my bit of the message boards - please check it out at then go to Teen bodybuilding and then to Ben's Teen Bodybuilding Advice. I'll answer any questions you would like and of course if it's a little personal then please don't hesitate to email me at my NEW EMAIL ADDRESS, . Anyway I'm having a lot of fun working out - I have forgotten how much fun it is to workout. At the moment I'm going to the gym twice everyday, once in the morning and once in the late afternoon. I'm eating better than ever and feel stronger all the time even though I'm cutting up.

Everyday I eat about 2500 calories of food making sure to burn much much than that off (hence losing fat and cutting up). Most of my workout is cardio from swimming, running and riding. I ride about 30km each day on my bike - great for the legs and a great form of cardio, i like riding as you may have noticed from my previous article.

In terms of my workout split it goes like this:
Monday: Morning - Cardio/Abs
Afternoon - Cardio
Tuesday: Morning - Chest/ Triceps/Shoulders
Afternoon - Cardio/Abs
Wednesday: Morning - Cardio/Abs
Afternoon - Cardio
Thursday: Morning - Biceps/Back
Afternoon - Cardio/Abs
Friday: Morning - Quads/Hams/Calves
Afternoon - Cardio/Abs
Saturday: Morning - Cardio
Sunday: Morning - Cardio

Yes it does seem like I'm over training but in my cutting up period i really do try and cut up and I seem to have such great motivation to do it because I know how good it looks.

You're probably saying well it's all well and good that he has a split but what sort of exercises does he do in his training? Well I'll tell ya...

Chest/Triceps/Shoulders Workout:
Wide Grip Bench - 3x12 Chest
Close Grip Bench - 3x12 Triceps
Tricep Dips - 3x9 Triceps
Upright Rows - 3x12 Shoulders
Dumbbell Press - 3x12 Shoulders and Chest

Abs Workout:
Leg Raises - 3x12
Crunches on Ab Roller - 3x12
Hanging leg Raises - 3x12
Sit-ups - 3x12

(Obviously I don't do all of this in the one ab workout usually I do two or three of the exercises. A lot of you would be thinking but you need about 100 reps to make your abs burn - YOU DON'T if you're doing them properly, 3 sets of 12 reps per exercise is plenty!)

Lat Pull Downs - 3x15 Lats/Upper Back
Seated Rows - 3x15 Upper Back
Hyperextensions - 3x15 Lower Back
Concentration Curls - 3x15 Biceps
Barbell Curls - 3x15

Hack Squats - 3x15 Quads
Leg Extensions - 3x15 Quads
Calve Raises - 3x15 Calves
Leg Curls - 3x15 Hams/Glutes
Squats - 3x15 Quads

Ride - 30km
Run - 5km
Walk - 3.5km
Swim - 1km
(I try and do at least 2 but mostly 3 of these cardio exercises per day)

I'm waiting on my supplements from the online store. I've ordered the following:
General Supplements
- AST Micronized Creatine
- Meal Replacement Powders
- Nexus Fat Burning Protein - great for the cutting up process (protein helps maintain muscle mass)
- Dymatize Total Nutrition System
- MuscleTech MesoTech

I love MRP's! They're so convenient to take and work just as well as any other form of supplements. I don't like the idea of taking tablets but when my contest gets about 4 months out I'll be getting more serious on what supplements I take. You may be wondering why I'm not taking any fat burning supplements whilst cutting up. Well there's a really good explanation for that. I have an under active thyroid which stops me using fat burning supplements because they play with your thyroid.

You have to take into account that I am cutting up. My workout is more endurance to try and burn as many calories as possible and I'm not trying to build mass just yet. I am not lifting heavy and am eating low cal foods while doing lots of cardio to cut down in the shortest amount of time possible. I know it's strange to cut down and then build mass but once again I'm just trying something different and am aiming to keep as cutup as possible all year round which is quite hard to achieve.

hope you enjoyed this mammoth entry,
enjoy, Ben


Entry 7 - Wednesday 27th September

MY SUPPLEMENTS HAVE ARRIVED! I looked out my window and saw this guy jumping out of a van with a package, forgetting that i had ordered some supplements i stumbled to the door (bearing in mind i had done a cardio session in the morning for about 3 hours) and got the package, opened it up and there they were. Brilliant! For those who are a bit sceptic about ordering online don't hesitate to order from's online store. - it has everything you need!

Anyway back to the actual training.

Today as i've already said i spent 3 hours at the gym - forgot my watch and thought it was only one hour (time goes fast when you're having fun - HA!) Tonight i'm so so so sore and have absolutely no energy left whatsoever! I'm sitting here now struggling to type this i'm so stuffed!

But that's a good thing and i can't wait to begin my loading period with the creatine i received today. Hopefully it'll leave me feeling like i can take on the world!! For those of you not knowing what the loading period is it's exactly what the name suggest, loading your body or saturating your muscles with Creatine (which naturally occurs in your muscles) i will be taking 5gms of creatine 4 times per day for 5 days (morning, before lunch, before workout, before bed). I will be mixing it up after my workout with one of the two MRP's i received today, Muscletech Mesotech or Dymatize Total Nutrition System.

Today I also did i light Chest/Shoulder/Tricep workout and for some reason i managed to make a vein pop out in my wrist (i'm sure there's a name for this but i'm not exactly a doctor) - very painful though.

Going to bed - very tired, Ben

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Entry 8 - 28th September, 2000

Today was another killer in the gym, working Back and Biceps. My favorite exercise out of every exercise for all body parts would have to be Preacher Curls (for Biceps). Nothing is better than the pump you get from them on every rep. The Preacher Curl bench or whatever you would call it faces the mirror at my gym and it's great to see your muscles grow rep after rep :P I've never been sorer, I keep getting sorer and sorer every single day (I wonder if a day will come when one body part does not ache?!) Today (after receiving my supplements yesterday) I began to use my supplements - Creatine, MuscleTech Mesotech and Dymatize Total Nutrition System - yes I know I mention them in every entry :) I've started my loading period for Creatine and whether it's mind over matter or not it seems like i'm already feeling the improvements. As more Muscletech Mesotech, it's one of the better MRP's in my opinion (judging by what I've read not by what I've used) but the taste is absolutely horrible! I had the chocolate one and it was not nice but I managed to slam it down my throat....... just! I didn't get to have it until about 45 minutes after my workout because I left it sitting in the fridge when I left home and had to walk back home so unfortunately I didn't get to use it when it can be utilized the best (straight after your workout) If you've used any supplements and they've given you great results please email me at or post on the Teen Bodybuilding section of the message boards so others can benefit too!

Any questions for me please post on the message boards or email me. Enjoy your gains, Ben

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Entry 9 - Monday October 2nd

Well, as always I've been training very hardly and intensely! today I did biceps/back - but I'm still trying to workout a good split - it seems to change by the hour.

Anyhow todays training was good but I didn't manage to fatigue my biceps to the extent that I want to! I'm going to try adding some different exercises in and maybe even try them with a different bodypart (probably triceps) or maybe even on their own!

My leg workout the other day had to rate in my top 5 workouts I've ever done! my hamstrings are still unbeleivably sore and I'm starting to get back a great definition in my legs - definately my best asset! I've always had big strong legs.

Today I was lucky to get a bundle of anti-oxidants and some other multi-vitamins and minerals etc. These should be very very very helpful to me - especially to keep me feeling really good and to stop me from stressing out and fatiguing over the next 10 weeks which are always the hardest weeks of the year!

Currently I've been reading article after article and site after site and book after book and magazine after magazine and trying (as I always do) to greater my knowledge. Bodybuilding is an ongoing education which has a very useful point (unlike school :P) - sorry teachers :)

I've been spending about 4 hours each day on the net and have been reading lots. Tonight I came across a few good sites - one was Skip Lacour ( who has to be one of the best natural bodybuilders in the world - his training journal is absolutely inspirational! Any serious bodybuilder should check it out!

I am having trouble getting a good diet going as this is not my strongest point. I'm keeping up with my cardio though (training every morning for an hour)

It's great to see that the Teen Bodybuilding section of the message boards is really going strong! If you ahve a question please post it there and I'll answer it within a few hours (unless I'm sleeping) Bonne Chance et Au revoir :P Ben

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Entry 10 - Monday October 15th

Geez, a whole two weeks since I last wrote for this journal. Sorry about that but I've been very busy with school, work and of course going to the gym. Anyway enough of the excuses... It's been going really really well in the gym lately! My weights have increased in almost every exercise and I feel like I'm getting bigger and bigger by the minute! The only problem is that that's not my aim, I'm trying to cut up at the moment. Unfortunately I haven't been to strict with my diet and it has lead to increases in mass :P

I have set it as my primary goal to stick to my diet which I made up with the help of Big Red. Because I had troubles with keeping to my @#$%@# diet I decided to email him and he was a great help! Thanks Big Red! Because of my strict and busy schedule I've had no choice but to change my workout schedule from:

Monday: Chest/Calves
Tuesday: Back
Wednesday: Legs
Thursday: Arms
Friday: Shoulders/Traps
Sat/Sun: Cardio

to... :

Monday: Chest/Triceps/Shoulders
Tuesday: Morning Cardio
Wednesday: Legs
Thursday: Morning Cardio
Friday: Back/Biceps
Sat/Sun: Cardio

Once again I do like both workouts, the second has been the one I've tended to follow but in the past few weeks I got the best gains by far from using the first one. So unfortunately I've had to sacrifice muscle mass (which is not what I'm trying for at the moment anyway) because of my busy lifestyle. Sure some of you may be saying hey but you've said before that you can always reschedule yourself to fit in a workout - the thing is that I've tried and this last week was impossible to get some decent workouts in and I missed my legs and back workouts and had to make them up over the weekend, something I don't like doing.

Anyway I'm going to have to cut my journal short there, I've got work to do.

Cyaz all later.
As usual keep emailing me at and I'll get back to you ASAP.

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