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Treat Yourself To A Treat!

You must admit that it's so so hard to keep to a strict diet and training program ALL the time. Those of you who train in the mornings must wake up at 6am thinking why do I do this? Sometimes the time comes...

You must admit that it's so so hard to keep to a strict diet and training program all the time. Those of you who train in the mornings must wake up at 6am thinking, why do I do this? Sometimes the time comes when you've just gotta treat yourself to a rest day or a piece of chocolate. One piece of chocolate isn't going to add an extra 10 pounds of fat to your body and hey, you can burn it off later in the gym. You've just got to be disciplined when you take the chocolate or take one rest day you have to make sure it's not a regular occurrence.

The best way to do it is allow yourself something like one day each month where you are allowed to say no I'm not getting up early and training this morning. Food wise you can give yourself an allowance of one or two pieces of junk food per week. This way you don't go over the top but at the same time you are getting some relief from your burning desire to veg out on whatever your friends, wife, girlfriend/boyfriend or family have in their own fridge.

But remember be disciplined and don't change your strict ways.

Enjoy your treat,

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Goal setting
In bodybuilding unlike a lot of sports you need to make a set of goals for you to work towards. The goals can be daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or even over a long long period of time. The thing is that without goals you have nothing to work towards and your hours and hours in the gym start to make you wonder why you are doing what you are doing. Whether the goal be to improve the size of certain body part, lose fat, get as huge as you can possibly get yourself, a contest, or just developing a good physique, a goal is the fundamental and most basic aspect to bodybuilding. For example I set myself up daily, weekly, monthly and over a long period of time with certain goals.

My daily goals are what I want to achieve in the gym on the particular day, my weekly one my be trying new exercises or supplements, monthly one might be an increase in size and over the long term my goals are to compete in and win as many competitions I can, keeping the best possible physique I can over both the off and the on season. Yours will almost definitely be different to mine, that's just the way it is. It's a personal choice, don't make goals that you can't achieve and don't make goals that you don't want to achieve and just say you do because your workout partner wants to...

I suggest you write them all down though and revise them weekly. The best thing to do is go out and buy a huge diary like book with all the days of the year. And keep your goals in there, revising and changing them as you progress.

Make some good, achievable goals,

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Starting Bodybuilding as a Teen
How many of you teens that are reading this are unhappy with the way you look? I mean why else would you be on this great site? :P I'd have to estimate that like 85% of teens aren't happy with the way they look! This leads to huge insecurity and sometimes depression and even eating disorders. Bodybuilding whether you are overweight, skinny or neither is the key to your looking better. You don't have to build yourself up to be the next Nasser El Sonbaty (one of my favorite pro's) but you can still look great and be toned and defined.

And how many of your friends can say they are bodybuilders? None, i bet! Starting early is very beneficial to teens and you've got no idea how much your self esteem can be improved through dedication and training.

I started bodybuilding at 15 and have fallen for the sport ever since, it's just great to look great, unfortunately I don't look as great as I used to anymore due to taking time off for medical reasons but I am starting up training this week, you can watch me in my training journal.

If you're a teen and you don't want to pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars to join and gym and for supplements and the whole thing take a look at my first two or three articles dealing with training at home. You can still get great results this way!

Since this article is a bit hard to see what I'm talking about I'll sum it up in a nutshell... Bodybuilding as a teen is great fun, builds self-esteem, you improve your physique and the way you look and just feel so good about yourself as you are fit, healthy and full of happy and positive energy. If any teens would like to know more about bodybuilding in general or would like some advice, just email me at You must be 16 years or under!! (no lying)
Thanks, Ben