The Leg Destroyer!

I have only began to start designing my own workouts for football season. This article is written for those who would rather get strong then look pretty.

I have started designing my own workouts for the football season. This article is written for those who would rather get strong, rather than look pretty. In all of the sports I do, leg strength is the key. Whether you are down in the trenches of the football field breaking a cradle or exploding through a throw in a field, legs play a dire role. I have sworn by this workout that it will increase the strength in my legs. I made this workout during the winter when my squat was only 225. Now it was gone up to 315 in only 9 weeks. Gains have never come easy to me. Before so, when my legs kept putting up these numbers on, I was shocked.

The Workout

The workout takes roughly an hour and a half to 2 hours depending on how many breaks you will take. Followed by a medium intensity polymeric workout.

Squats: 1X15 and 2X10
Dead Lift: 3X10
Single Leg Extension: 3X10 (This is your break from the more strenuous lifts but take your time and make it burn)
Straight Leg Dead lift: 2X15
Step Ups: 3X10
Knee Curls: 3X10
1 and ½ Squats: 2X10

Click HERE for a printable log of this workout!

Most of these lifts are self-explanatory. But I have a few personal beliefs on a couple of them.


Your back should be arched upward to help keep you balanced. Toes should be facing straight ahead with your feet a little more then shoulder length. Most people think that making your legs go parallel to the ground gets a good workout, but I like to go as far into the hole as possible. By the hole I mean, your butt as close to the floor as possible without falling down.

1 And 1/2 Squats

One and a half squats are the same as a normal squat but instead of coming up all the way you come up half way and drop back down and then come up all the way. Make sure you do this workout every other day alternating between this and an upper body workout. I would appreciate if someone would review this article and tell me about results.