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Finding Balance: The Importance Of Self-Improvement!

You go to the gym day-in and day-out with that vision in front of you. Find out how to find your balance and start improving yourself!

You go to the gym, day in and day out, with that vision in front of you. That vision of where you want to be, where you want to take your physique, and ultimately what you want to accomplish with it in the world of bodybuilding.

Time comes to slam down another meal, and you do it with the faith that all of this hard work will pay off. Bodybuilding is not a one-hour training session five days per week. It is much more than that. Bodybuilding is 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

Do You Have The Vision? Do You Have The Vision?
Without vision, you have no path - how can you, when there is no destination to reach? Fortunately, visualization is a technique that has been around for some time, and has been practiced & employed by successful people.
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No doubt, it is easy for bodybuilding to take over and consume your everyday life and dictate almost every action and thought you make or have.

Are You One Of These People?

All too often you meet the "hardcores" who live, work, eat, sleep, drink, and breathe bodybuilding. It is the center of their lives and nothing else matters. Shamefully, I used to be one of those people.

Living The Bodybuilding Lifestyle! Living The Bodybuilding Lifestyle!
No matter how big or small your fitness goals are, living the bodybuilding lifestyle can help propel you toward your goals that much faster and make them a reality.
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You may be thinking, "Well, what's wrong with that? Isn't that the only way to achieve real success?" Or, "There's nothing wrong with that-that is just being consistent and dedicated." First, let me ask you what your definition of success is.

back If you are the common bodybuilder, you probably have some ideal weight in mind at some percent body fat with certain accomplishments and achievements under your belt.

That, to you, would be ultimate success. There are ways to be dedicated and consistent, but you must realize that it does not have to be at the expense of other aspects of your life.

You have to always remember what's really important in life. What will create real meaning, real purpose, real fulfillment and ultimately real true, complete and utter constant and perpetual happiness?

"What you achieve through the journey of life
is not as important as who you become."


Bodybuilding is all about constant self-improvement. It is a great sport that can produce great things. However, bodybuilding by itself is not enough. What a true bodybuilder will do is take those same principles learned from and through bodybuilding and apply it to virtually every other aspect of his or her life.

A good-looking physique is great but it will only bring you temporary and sporadic happiness. A physique sculpted toward perfection is good, but a person sculpted toward perfection is even better.

In fact, it is the best! Move every aspect of your life toward perfection just like you move your body closer and closer to perfection.

The Obligation Of Self-Improvement The Obligation Of Self-Improvement.
It is my intent that this article prompts its sufferers to grapple with subjects as diverse as the inextricability of self-improvement from the harmony of nature, those traits which distinguish man, and the methods ...
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When we have weak body parts, we prioritize and emphasize them. Just the same, when some other area of your life is weak or not up to par you need to put more emphasis and more effort into improving it! Life does not have to be a one way path down Bodybuilding Road. "But I enjoy nothing more than bodybuilding."

I'm sorry to break it to you but it is not the bodybuilding that you are enjoying, it is the personal growth that is resulting from bodybuilding. Haven't you found this to be true in your life? Think of a challenge that you have overcome in the past. What was it? Maybe getting over an illness, maybe passing an important exam, or maybe something more serious like fighting for your life.

What was more rewarding, battling with the challenge, or actually overcoming the challenge and moving on? Although the process can sometimes be enjoyable (what feels better than a muscle engorged with blood after an intense set?), it is the end result, the constant self-improvement that we're actually after.

Achieve Balance! Achieve Balance!
Understand what it goes through each day, and learn the signals that it provides, such as fatigue, soreness and hunger. Build your nutrition and training around your lifestyle. Through understanding the body, you can help create balance.
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Lessons Learned

Think of how much more enjoyable and fulfilling life can be if you take those principles of self-improvement and goal setting bodybuilding has taught you and apply it to everything negative in your life.

Whether it be swearing, drinking alcohol, smoking, watching too much television, not reading enough, spending too much time at work and not enough time with your family, losing your temper often, depression, unethical practices, or whatever it is-there is great untapped satisfaction and happiness to be gained through the process and end result of the improving of one's self.

footprints Take it one step at a time. Set goals for yourself, just like in bodybuilding. Write down an approach to getting where you want to be, just like in bodybuilding.

Take the actions and steps necessary to turn your goal of self-improvement in some area of your life into a reality, just like bodybuilding.

What's Your Goal? What Is Your Goal?

Is Your Goal Not Listed?
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Find pleasure in your accomplishments, just like in bodybuilding. Realize how much further you can take yourself, and set new goals, just like in bodybuilding. I personally guarantee you that the rewards are there. If you're looking for continual perpetuating happiness in life, the only way to get it is through personal growth.

"What you get in life can never make you happy, but who you
become can make you very happy, or very sad."

-- Tony Robbins
Personal Power

Anthony Church