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An Interview With Jason Cohen!

Learn about three of the top natural bodybuilders.

Q. Can you name some mental benefits you have noticed from weight training?

A. I think the mental benefits of weight training far outweigh the physical benefits. For one, weight training teaches discipline and dedication. I really feel that looking good leads to feeling good and positive on the inside. I also think that weight training helps develop good self-esteem.

Q. Can you name some physical benefits you have noticed from weight training?

A. When I began weight training when I was a wrestler in high school and I only weighed 121 lbs. I was 15 years old and immediately fell in love with the sport. Today I weigh right around 200 lbs and my body fat in the off-season is at about five or six percent. So as you can see I have picked up about 75 or 80 pounds of lean muscle naturally in the last 15 years.

Q. What keeps you motivated through all these years?

A. I guess the main thing that keeps me motivated is that I really like bodybuilding. I don't look at going into the gym as a chore or time consuming. I look forward to walking into the gym and often I think about my workout throughout the day. For me, the gym is a place to relieve phone calls, no work, no hassles.

Q. Why did you decide to be a pro bodybuilder?

A. Usually, people don't just decide to be a pro bodybuilder. I started out competing in local shows and began doing very well. I have always enjoyed competition so bodybuilding really fit my pursuit.

Q. What does your workout routine look like?

A. I really advocate variation in any training routine. The routine I am on currently is very basic. I always try to train heavy and usually stay in the 4 to 8 rep range. I do one warm-up set and then three working sets for all upper body muscles. On my legs I usually do one warm-up and five working sets. My split looks something like this:

    Monday: Chest, Tris, and Abs
    Tuesday: Quads, Hams, Calves
    Wednesday: Cardio
    Thursday: Back, Bis, and Abs
    Friday: Shoulders, Traps
    Saturday: Bi's, Tris, and Calves
    Sunday: Cardio

Q. Why have you decided to stay natural?

A. I guess the main reason I have stayed natural is due to some of the advancements in supplementation. I do believe that every top-level athlete needs some sort of edge to help him or her succeed. I decided to turn to various supplements because I have always had an interest in them. I remember the old days when I would pop Weider's Mega Packs and Instant Protein. Today I have been using some really advanced products that I honestly think have taken me to that next level. In addition to my meal replacement packs I am taking a stack of products made by Performance Biomedical Labs. I am using three products together: HGH-PH Complex, Derma-Ject and TRx. These products are very advanced and work on the three primary areas responsible for increases in lean muscle: growth hormone, testosterone and thyroid hormone. I have had had great results using them and highly recommend them to anyone looking to add lean mass fast.

Q. What are some accomplishments that you're proud of?

A. Its' funny because I look at my accomplishments in terms of who I am as a person, not as a bodybuilder. I am very proud to have graduated from The University Of Colorado and The Capital University Law School. Yep, believe it or not I am an attorney as well. I really pride myself on being approachable, helping and just a nice guy.

Q. Any tips you could give for bodybuilders who might be looking to turn pro?

As crazy as this may sound, my first tip that I always give is to keep your day job. I say this because young bodybuilders have this notion that there is money in this sport. Let me be the first to tell you that there isn't.

My next piece of advice is to keep a proper perspective on the other aspects of your life...don't block out everything other than bodybuilding. Finally, be patient!! Training naturally is a long, hard process. Trust me, five pounds of lean muscle in a year is a good accomplishment. Think about it in three years putting fifteen pounds of muscle that you will keep is great. I have plenty of great articles you can read if you go to my new web site at