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Interviews With Three Top Pro Natural Bodybuilders!

Learn about the top three pro natural bodybuilders, Derik Farnsworth, Dave Goodin and Jason Cohen.

Derik Farnsworth

The Freak turned pro on the 12th of December. He is the Team Universe Lightweight Champion for 1999, 2000 and 2001. He is a natural bodybuilder who has competed in numerous bodybuilding shows throughout his 14 year commitment to the sport! Learn from his experiences! Click here to read more.

Dave Goodin

Dave is a natural pro bodybuilder that is a two time Mr. Universe and a 2-time WNBF pro natural world champion! He is 43 years old and believes he is much stronger than he was in his early 20's. Dave has never used any steroids in his over two decades of training. He competed for 11 years before turning pro, learn from the "Texas Shredder"! Click here to read more.

Jason Cohen

Jason is a WNBF pro bodybuilder that has been lifting for the last 15 years! I do believe that every top-level athlete needs some sort of edge to help him or her succeed. Jason is the owner and operator of the law offices of Jason E. Cohen, P.C. Learn from this pro bodybuilder and lawyer! Click here to read more.