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Teen Transformation Of The Week - Andrew Bank!

During college, Andrew was kicked off the Cross Country team for arriving late to a practice after his 18th birthday. He decided to take his frustrations out in the gym, and immediately became hooked. Read on to learn how he put on 30 pounds of muscle!

Before Before:
125 lbs
After After:
155 lbs

Vital Stats

Name: Andrew Bank
BodySpace: FaceYourself

Age: 17
Weight: 125 lbs
Body Fat: 8%
Bicep: 12"
Bench: 155 lbs
Squat: 225 lbs

Age: 19
Weight: 155 lbs
Body Fat: 5%
Bicep: 14.6"
Bench: 240 lbs
Deadlift: 350 lbs
Squat: 325 lbs

Why I Got Started

I have always been a relatively skinny kid growing up; when I went to high school I got big into running Cross Country (XC) and Track. I was on a state champion XC team and managed to place individually in the top 10 at state the championships.

I went to college to run on the XC and Track teams. However, my freshman year, I missed a 6 a.m. practice the day after my 18th birthday, and was kicked off the team. I will never forget the coach telling me that I must not be dedicated enough (After I had been competing for years at a serious level).

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Andrew Bank's Bench Press Progress.

To prove him wrong I continued to run on my own and eventually ran several marathons for myself. I have always had a desire to be special in some way, to be good at something.

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I Continued To Run On My Own.

I took up lifting as a way to get out some frustration and it really changed me. I loved getting stronger, and the idea of putting the skinner me in the past. I now put all the dedication, desire, and drive I always had for running cross-country and track into bodybuilding.

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I Took Up Lifting As A Way
To Get Out Some Frustration.

I do this for myself, and I love the gains I have seen so far. I love being able to attribute my progress only to my efforts and motivation. This is my passion, and nobody can ever tell me I'm not dedicated or driven ever again.

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This Is My Passion.

How I Did It

I achieved my gains through a lot of hard work, effort, and steadfast dedication. I trained 4-7 days per week between strength and cardio workouts. I changed my eating habits to be much more healthy, and took out the sweets that I was infamous for eating.

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I Achieved My Gains Through A Lot Of Hard
Work, Effort, And Steadfast Dedication.

I did a lot of research on types of exercises and different workout routines so I could train smart and train hard, not just the latter. The bottom line is you need a good, informed workout plan, and you need to stick to it, no excuses.


I have tried NO-Xplode, which I thought was great for increasing workout intensity and seeing creatine gains. However my favorite supplement is still Whey Protein, as the muscle gains you see while using it will be all muscle, not water, and gains will be there to stay.


I don't have time to eat tons of meals per day because time restraints due to classes. However, I do attempt to make the meals I eat healthy and rich in proteins and carbohydrates.


    Saturday & Sunday: Abs & Cardio

Suggestions For Others

Do not let anyone ever discourage you. You and you alone have the ability and potential for greatness by bettering yourself.

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Do Not Let Anyone
Ever Discourage You.

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