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Your Own Home Gym!

You just got to work from the ground up like bodybuilding. Start with the simpler things and move onto bigger more expensive pieces of equipment.

We all know gym fee's can be expensive and we can't afford it. However if you have a basement, garage, a big bedroom or a spare room, and your parents don't mind, you can make your own little gym to suit your needs. Some equipment can be expensive, but with a bit of saving up and maybe a loan off your parents or maybe birthday or Christmas present it is all possible.

cashIts like a business! The more you invest the better it gets, and you benefit from it too. You just got to work from the ground up like bodybuilding.

Start with the simpler things and move onto bigger more expensive pieces of equipment. I am lucky enough to have a cool dad who also bodybuilds and has invested his money into making the garage into a gym for us.

Basic Equipment Needed To Begin

We have a bench, dumbbells, barbells, loads of weights, a multi-gym he got for next to nothing and cardio equipment. Pretty cool. We just gotta refurbish the garage and its complete. It will be my new palace. lol.

The Ultimate Home Gym!
Home training is big news. It's so much easier in today's hectic and busy world. If you're older, with a job and family obligations, going to a gym just isn't always possible.
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-> Dumbbells And Bench:

    dumbbellsFirst off you need some dumbbells. They don't cost too much and are the best piece of equipment you can have. I think also a bench wont put you out of you way. I'd say the dumbbells cost about $75 and the bench say another $75. With this basic equipment you can do a huge range of exercises.

WOW I didn't realize how much you can do with a bench and dumbbells.

-> Barbell:

    Your next asset to your personal gym would be a barbell. This will allow you to vary exercises, add more weight and will be able to do more exercises which you can't do with dumbbells. A barbell with 90kgs of weight cost my dad $90. And with the weight you guys lift that won't last very long before your buying more weight.

-> Cardio Equipment:

    Now those 3 pieces cost around $190 most probably less than that. But also in your gym you need cardio exercise. This would mean buying treadmills and rowing machines. No worries. For your cardio go swimming or play tennis or basketball go running or cycling or some aerobic exercises.

    jumpropeBut an item to add to your gym is a skipping rope. Skipping is one of the best fat burning exercises and simple to do. Also it doesn't take long to get those calories off while skipping. 10 minutes and your face will be pouring with sweat. Skipping isn't just for girls, boxers also use them. It's a great aerobic exercise and cheap. A descent skipping rope will set you back around $10.

    Adding the skipping rope to your gym is like play maker of a team. Other cardio equipment like rowing machines and steppers are expensive but watch out for great deals. My dad got a great deal getting 3 cardio machines for $100. 2 of them were $100 pounds alone and the other nearer $200. Look out for these kind of deals.

    exercise matSo far we have a bench, dumbbells, a barbell and a skipping rope. Just 1 more small thing is needed. You got the equipment for weight training and an aerobic item skipping rope. You also want to train abs.

    If you are in a basement or garage with stone floors you don't want to do crunches and sit ups on it do you. So unless you want to spend $100's on a carpet then you will want an exercise mat. This will cost only $5-10.

Finding The Funds

If you ever have trouble finding money to make your gym even better here are a few options. Beg. Beg your mum, dad, aunt, uncle, grandma, grandad or the hooker on the end of the street. It don't matter beg them to buy the equipment for you or lend you the majority of the money to you. This probably wont work so try doing some jobs around the house to earn spending money or if you already get spending money do more jobs to increase it.

Would Your Parents Increase Your Allowance So You Could Spend It On Gym Equipment?

I Wish!

Maybe you can get a proper job after school and on weekends. If you are lazy like me and can't be arsed with a job invite your friends round and charge them for using your gym. If not just steel everyone's lunch money, that'll work. lol.

Well however you get the money you can always make your gym better. Another great asset is to have a multi-gym however this cost's a lot and you will have to get money from a birthday or Christmas. Just have money from everyone and that will be near enough.

Well however you decide to build up your gym and whatever you put into it good luck.

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