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Inspiration From A Survey!

Some guys were headin' for the gutter and bodybuilding changed all that. Motivation was another thing these guys learned about. They pushed themselves to the limit to gain more self respect and high self esteem.

Hello again, guys and gals. For this article, I have based it on a survey I did in the old teen message boards.

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I asked fellow bodybuilders what bodybuilding means to them, what it teaches them, and why they choose to bodybuild. I asked these questions in the teen bodybuilding area of the message boards and other areas so I get responses of adults, too. I wanted to compare the answers I got from the younger guys and the older guys but I was surprised at how much alike the answers were...

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Survey Responses

From the responses I got, most of the guys began to bodybuild to gain size because they got picked on at school. They saw the great gains, and today bodybuilding has become a part of their lives. That was the main answer I got and I also had people that started to gain size for sports. Also, nearly all of the guys said they bodybuild to get some female attention - and who can blame them?

For these guys, bodybuilding taught them all about pushing yourself and how to concentrate. This made them lose their bad attitude and get them out of trouble, so they completely straightened their lives. Some guys were headin' for the gutter and bodybuilding changed all that.

Motivation was another thing these guys learned about. They pushed themselves to the limit to gain more self-respect and high self-esteem.

Motivation: What's That? Motivation: What's That?
Think back to when you decided to you wanted to start lifting, what was your motivation?
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Results Analysis

So, I don't know what this tells you, but it tells me that bodybuilding brings out the best in people, and will improve your way of living, no matter your age or if the time "isn't right." You can't tell yourself that things need sorting first and then you'll start, 'cuz more things will pop up and then the time will never be right. The time is now, and you've gotta tell yourself this.

So get to a gym, or buy some weights and start bodybuilding. Your life will change forever and you will want to carry on seeing your body change and also along the way help others accomplish what you can if you try it.

Even if you don't bodybuild (but still visit this site), I want you to try bodybuilding and also tell people what I have told you.

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You will be thanked, too, and be much appreciated. I know that I will get thanked for this article and I also know who I should thank. I've never met him or seen him on T.V., but he is in a video I have. His name is Bill Phillips. His "Body of Works" videos really inspired me, and I want to inspire others, too.

Bill Phillips
Bill Phillips, CEO Of EAS.

I know Bill Phillips will never see this or even hear about me, but I've gotta say this:

Thanks Bill Phillips, for inspiring me to achieve what
I have done. And I want to follow in your footsteps
and inspire all of the teens of today.


So I did a survey as living proof that bodybuilding changes lives and brings out the best in people.

Now I hope I have inspired you all to be the best you possibly can. No one asks for more than your best, so try your best with bodybuilding and even if no one notices you doing all this hard work you will because everything will be happy.

Keep it all natural, guys, like the people in my survey and Bill Phillips and myself have!