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Tanji Johnson's Biography!

This article will tell you a little more about me including my personal background and how I got into fitness. Check out some of new pictures on this page also!
I was born in Bamberg, Germany and grew up as an Army brat living my adolescence in Germany and Korea. We returned to the states and my father retired in South Carolina where I attended Irmo High School. I ran track and field and was the Captain of my dance team. I am proud to say that my strict upbringing laid the foundation of who I am today.

I went through college at the US Air Force Academy where I went through basic training, learned how to be a leader amongst my peers and began to put my body through its first physical challenges. I was a varsity cheerleader and a member of the cadet Honor Guard and went through several intense military programs like survival training and marine corps officer training. It was all quite the adventure! Upon graduation, I earned my Bachelor of Science degree and commission as an Air Force officer.

I began my Air Force Career by serving as an admissions officer in the minority enrollment department of the Air Force Academy and as head cheerleading coach. My next assignment was to Fairchild AFB in Spokane, Washington where I served as an aircraft maintenance officer responsible for the management and maintenance of the KC-135 Aerial Refuelers.

I got involved in fitness initially because I was looking for a challenge and a healty venue to promote my "look". During my childhood, I always felt that my naturally muscular body would threaten my femininity. It sounds ridiculous, but true. I looked up to the women that were fit yet still loved being every bit of a woman. I saw Fitness as an entertaining and challenging way to promote a healthy lifestyle as well as help change society's concept of a "real woman".

Winning The 2001 NPC National Fitness Championships!

I began competing in fitness in 1998 and then took a year off when I got deployed during Operation Allied Force. Since then, I have explored the different fitness venues and competitions such as the Fitness America Pageant, Women's Tri-Fitness, and the NPC. I recall not having the opportunity when I was younger to take dance, gymnastics, or any formal training because of limited funds. But I developed the attitude that it was never too late to learn. Most of my skills were self taught and developed through mere ambition and determination. I always encourage people to seek out their dreams and goals regardless of their background. Create your background by taking action today! After some time, I became a dance, gymnastics and cheer instructor. I love watching people grow!

My goals in the fitness industry are to minister God's grace and love through my lifestyle and freedoms. I plan to compete, train others, choreograph, promote contests, judge and simply always be involved and represent the industry as a fitness authority. If people change their life due to my influence, I will have been successfull! I am honored to have won my IFBB pro card and plan to take my fitness goals to a new level of enthusiasm and loyalty.

We all struggle in life, but I feel it is important for people to be comfortable with who they are. With all our flaws and imperfections, our being is what makes us priceless. To embrace that can lead to a life of fulfillment and liss. God Bless You!

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