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Desmond Miller Interview: Wheels Of Steel Ready To Roll Over The Iron Man!

Desmond takes time from training to answer questions about his new pro status, what he enjoys outside of bodybuilding, and more. Learn about him and how he feels he will do in the 2008 Iron Man. Read on!

You've probably heard of him, the "Wheels of Steel", "NY giant" or just Desmond Miller. Having competed in NPC competitions in the past, he will compete in this year's Iron Man.

He was qualified for last year's Mr. Olympia, but didn't compete in it.

What will he do this year? How is his preparation going so far, and what about the huge legs?

[ Q ] In the 2006 NPC National Bodybuilding Championship Men's Open Super-Heavyweight you took first place and were the overall winner. Having received your pro-card during that contest, how has this affected your training? What all has changed since then?

    Expectations changed. People don't seem to realize the dedication and sacrifices it takes to be a bodybuilder. My wife and daughter are my strength. Every time I feel like I want to skip the gym I look at my princess, Desmari and all of a sudden I get a second wind.

    A pro-card is a sense of relief that all my hard work is finally paying off, but this is just the beginning I realized. I was blessed to have had such a great rookie year and I continue to train hard and dream big. My friends, family and last but definitely not least, the fans pump me up. I have such amazing fans and I try my best to answer all their emails no matter how simple it may be.

Desmond Desmond
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People Don't Seem To Realize The Dedication And Sacrifices
It Takes To Be A Bodybuilder.

[ Q ] To get back to that, you were qualified for last year's Mr. Olympia and yet you didn't compete in it. What was the reason for that?

    Qualifying for Mr. Olympia was definitely an honor on my rookie year, but unfortunately my body needed rest. I had been training for 3 consecutive years in an effort to compete for my pro card at the Nationals, then the New York Pro and the Keystone. It was a difficult decision but it has given my body some rest to prepare for 2008.

[ Q ] How is the preparation you're making for the Iron Man this year different than how you prepared for last year's IFBB Keystone Classic and IFBB New York Pro?

    I learn from my previous training and continue to challenge myself and make changes to my diet. I have had some time to rest my body. My diet has been rearranged and I know what needs fixing. I have worked hard on all my competitions and will continue to grow as a bodybuilder, person and competitor.

    In preparing for the Arnold I realized that I am way ahead of schedule so I immediately contacted John Balik to see if I can compete. I am looking forward to this.

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I Learn From My Previous Training
And Continue To Challenge Myself.

[ Q ] Your name being "wheels of steel," you're really known for your massive legs. How did you get your quads to the size they are now, especially for someone that stands 6'0" tall? Do you have any background in powerlifting? What contributes most to this?

    No I do not have a powerlifting background. I strongly believe that the less you use machines the more your body will respond. When it comes to legs I am completely old school in that I take my weights all the way down when I squat.

    When I squat I almost sit on the floor and get right back up with every rep. I only use the amount I can handle and my body knows when I can challenge myself to put more weights. Squatting with heavy weights and perfection is my claim to wheels of steel.

Full Squat.

[ Q ] Because your legs are so huge, have you stopped training your legs harder for a while in order to match your upper body with your legs?

    My legs are huge and they take away from my back. My back is not small but because of my frame and legs my back gets lost and that is what I have been working on developing.

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My Legs Are Huge And They Take Away From My Back.

[ Q ] Do you have any predictions as to what place you will take in this year's Iron Man?

    Predictions yes... that I want to discuss NO, LOL! All I know is that I am ready and when I step on stage I am going to shine.

[ Q ] Any prediction on the top 5 in this year's Iron Man?

    My only prediction is that I will be in the top 5.

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Desmond Miller.

[ Q ] Every pro bodybuilder has different strategies when it comes to dieting and training in the off-season. What does yours look like? Do you go lighter on the weight during the season, or are you able to maintain your strength?

    My strategy is that eating and training is my lifestyle and it does not change on my off-season. I keep myself in shape in an effort to gain good bodyweight. I remember during the Nationals how much I had to train because on my off-season I gained over 60 pounds. It's crazy to have to maintain a diet all year round, but it is my way of thinking. Training for the last 12 weeks does not seem as strenuous because of my off-season.

[ Q ] What kind of supplements do you use in the bulking season and when cutting, and how much do you use these to aid to your normal diet?

    Met-Rx Protein Plus, Met-Rx Whey, Met-Rx Size up, Met-Rx Super Greens Power and Met-Rx Super Red Power are all part of my daily supplements. Whey and Protein Plus are great on the go meal and the Greens provide my body with the vegetables it needs while the Reds supplements all the fruits I do not eat. The only difference between off-season and when cutting is that I eliminate the Size up and cut down on the Whey and Protein Plus.

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[ Q ] What kind of person are you outside the whole world of bodybuilding? And what are some other things you like to do?

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Outside The Whole World Of Bodybuilding I Am Very Humble,
Appreciate Life And Count My Blessings Everyday.

[ Q ] We wish you the best of luck with your preparation and hope you do great and look forward to seeing you at the Iron Man. Thank you very much for the time you took to participate in this interview!

    Thank you to for this interview, Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym, and of course my Queen, Marilyn and Princess, Desmari and last but not least my wonderful fans.