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T-Shirt Design Contest

T-Shirt Design Contest's T-Shirt Design Contest Winners

Grand Prize Winner /// Adam Khalilullah. *This design was inspired by Adam's original entry.


My name is Adam Khalilullah. Throughout my life, there has been one overarching talent and subject that I have consistently been passionate about: the visual arts. I am who I am today, because I am able to express myself through art. Overtime, it developed into a habit, then a talent (then a crutch, as I often got distracted doodling during class). That is why I was ecstatic to join this T-shirt design contest.

More recently, I have developed a new passion: fitness. It started in my junior year of high school, and ever since then, I have become addicted to it. The transcending feeling of euphoria I gain from creating art, I similarly gain through exercise and lifting weights. There is very little in this world that can compete with the feeling of walking out of the weight room after a good lift, or biking next to vista during dawn or sunset. It's a whole new sense of fulfillment in and of itself.


The design of the t-shirt was originally created for the strength and conditioning fitness community at my high school. I collaborated with our fitness instructor, Steve Mussacchio, to create the best looking t-shirt design and concept for everyone and anyone who wanted to purchase it. The shirt turned out to be a big hit among the student body, and even some of the faculty, so when presented the t-shirt design contest, I knew for sure I had to submit it.

2nd Prize Winner /// Aanonymousapp - *This design was inspired by anonymousapp's original entry.


Having been a long-distance runner throughout high school, I began lifting after entering college as a way to stay fit and quickly grew to love the sport. I'm a foodie who loves eating healthy so weight lifting naturally fits into my lifestyle. I aim to get bigger and stronger and want to see how high I can push my lifts without getting too big.


The shirt design draws inspiration from the intensity and dedication with which bodybuilders attack their training, diet, and lifestyle. The "Lift Life" motto appearing near the chest and cardial area symbolizes how in order to be the most successful you can be in bodybuilding, you need to the "Lift Life" to be a core part of who you are. Diet, training, sleep, and many other factors inside and outside the gym need to be managed to produce the best results.

3rd Prize Winner /// Rick Na. *This design was inspired by Rick's original entry.


My name is Rick Massello I am an American fashion designer, entrepreneur, and bodybuilder by day and a hospital computer technician by night. During the day when I am not throwing the iron around, I am busy being the founder and Chief Creative Officer of "", a growing skateboard and snowboard clothing company based out of Sacramento, CA. I design men's and women's clothing that is sold across the country. My fitness background started when I was young performing in MMA, baseball, and football. On my off time, I workout at a Local gym performing high rep squats, curls, tricep extensions and rows. Bodybuilding and fitness are my passion, not a chore.


My inspiration came from being a long time fan of since 2008, and my passion for design.

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