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Supplement Company Of The Month: All American EFX!

All American EFX has infiltrated the supplement world with three game-changing products that will blow your mind and inflate your muscles.

Supplement Company Of The Month - All American EFX

With four Arnold Classic Championships under his belt and a Bodybuilding Hall of Fame career behind him, Flex Wheeler was looking for his next victim, so to speak. His goal was to remain a positive influence in the forefront of the sport he loved so much.

He could have signed with any supplement company he wanted, but when you're one of the greatest of all time (as he was called by Arnold Schwarzenegger himself); you need to put your name behind a company that is quality and takes care of their customers.

It was a natural fit when he discovered All American EFX. From the initial success with Kre-Alkalyn to the latest top product Test Charge, All American EFX is already on the map for producing results both with those who take their products, as well as impacting the supplement industry like Flex impacted the IFBB.

Naturally, it's an easy choice to give them the stage as the Supplement Company of the Month! And Flex was generous enough to speak with us to talk about everything AAEFX and how he plans to help them continue to grow far into the future.

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"You don't mind if I work out during the interview, do you?"

Q: Can you please tell our readers how your company started?

All American EFX was started by two guys from Bakersfield, California, named Brian Andrews and Bruce Butterbredt. They had met the owner of American Pharmaceutical, Jeff Golini through a mutual friend in 2002. At that time, Jeff was interested in trying to launch a new creatine product called Kre-Alkalyn.

Jeff's company had previously brought it to the marketplace, but they didn't have the success they had hoped for. So Jeff started working with Brian and Bruce, and the rest as they say, is history.

You see, Jeff also had a small in-house brand back then called All American Nutrition. One day, Brian and Bruce were having lunch with Jeff Golini, and they half-jokingly asked him if he wanted to sell his Kre-Alkalyn patent. Of course, he politely said "No". So instead, they told Jeff they were seriously interested in buying his private label brand called Kre-Alkalyn® EFX.

When all was said and done, they had made him an offer he couldn't refuse. So Brian and Bruce took over All American Nutrition and changed the name to All American EFX - The Birthplace of Kre-Alkalyn®. Plus, they also contracted exclusively with Jeff Golini to be their main formulator and manufacturer.

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FWSS Kre-Alkalyn EFX Pro

Kre-Alkalyn® EFX PRO is a very novel concept in creatine supplementation. It supplies your muscles with energy for more intense training while giving you pinpoint focus, alertness and intense drive.
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Q: So how did you get involved with them?

A few years ago, I was at a trade show over in Italy. I walked by a booth when this guy called me over. He'd recognized me and wanted me to try this new creatine product called Kre-Alkalyn.

My first reaction was, "Thanks, but no thanks, Bro."

But he explained that I'd only need to use a fraction of a regular creatine dose to get the effect. So I went ahead and took a few samples from him.

After I got home, I dug them out of my suitcase and took a couple before I trained that day. To my surprise, I got a huge pump from it. Like most people, I wanted to make sure it was the capsules making this happen and not just something in my mind - the "placebo effect". So the next day, I took a few more and BAM! The same exact thing happened.

Later on, I went to a local supplement store and bought a full bottle. I started handing out samples from it to my friends and training partners, and they ended up loving it just like me.

Next, I started doing some research on the internet to learn more about the company behind this great product. I really liked what I saw and what they stood for. So I ended up tracking down the president's phone number and called him to see if we could somehow work together.

We ended up meeting in person, and the next thing you know, we are moving at the 'speed of business'. Now I'm actually a part of the company; not just a spokesperson. I'm Vice President of Business Development.

Q: Can you tell us a little more about yourself and your background in the industry?

Well, I started out like most kids who want to get big and strong, by training in a small local gym in Fresno, California where I grew up. From there, I got into competing and my career took off. I still have the best IFBB pro debut in the history of body building (in 1993) with 4 major wins - the Iron Man Pro, Arnold Classic, German Grand Prix, and the French Grand Prix. And I also placed 2nd in my first Mr. Olympia.

In 1994, I almost died in a near-fatal car accident that could've left me paralyzed, but the doctors say that all the muscle I had saved me. It was a big setback because I pretty much had to start over from scratch. Miraculously, I was able to move back up to the top ranks in record time.

In 1999, I had another huge setback when I found out that I had a hereditary form of a kidney disease called Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis. So in 2000, I announced my retirement from competitive bodybuilding. But later, I decided to come back and continued to compete until 2002. Then, in 2003 I had a kidney transplant and decided it was finally time to move on and focus on other things.

I'm listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for winning the Arnold Classic 4 times. I'm honored that the great Arnold Schwarzenegger was once quoted as saying this about me, "Flex is one of the best bodybuilders of all time…I've found him to be an extraordinary athlete. He is a winner."

Another thing I'm extremely honored and humbled by was being one of the first inductees into Joe Weider's IFBB Bodybuilding Hall of Fame back in 2009.

This legend lives up to the hype, and more.
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This legend lives up to the hype, and more.

Q: What are some of your top products right now?

No doubt, they are K-OTIC, Kre-Alkalyn EFX and Test Charge. Every company wants to develop "game changers", and I can easily say all three of these are just that. K-OTIC is a pre-workout formula that was developed by three of the top people on our team who really wanted to come out with something that would help people get crazy intense workouts.

This stuff will rock your world but you don't get that sick crash like other pre-workout products always seem to cause. The first version was amazing, but the taste wasn't as good as we wanted it to be. So it was updated recently, and now we also have 2 other flavors.

What's best about K-OTIC is that it doesn't use geranium (DMAA) to make it work. That's hard to pull off, but the innovative formulators at AAEFX did it. People have been blown away by it!

Kre-Alkalyn EFX speaks for itself. Like I said before, it's why I ended up contacting and eventually joining All American EFX. No other creatine product can come close to doing what it does; especially when you only have to use so little. This is the best overall supplement, in my opinion.

Test Charge was the product I ended up being the #1 lab rat for. It took 3 years or so to get it exactly right.

Jeff told me he had a few ideas he'd been working on, so I told him to get me started right away. In about 3 month's time, I was able to get completely off any HRT and I even fathered a child with my wife. My doctors were amazed with the results, especially from something that was not a drug. Test Charge works by stimulating your own body to produce more testosterone.

The stuff just flat-out works! Just remember though, you have to train hard and eat enough to grow on it.

Test Charge All American EFX Presents:
Test Charge

Everyone knows that testosterone is the "king" of bodybuilding hormones. It's one of the key hormones that determine how much overall strength and muscle you can develop.
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Q: Are there any new and exciting products that you are coming out with soon?

We have a BCAA formula that's being formulated literally as we speak. And I already know it will be another game changer. I believe in amino acids, and BCAAs are super important to growth and recovery.

So the same three people on our team that developed K-OTIC are also hard at work on this bad boy. Not only will it taste amazing, but you won't need to use as much as you have to with most other BCAA products. I'll keep you posted when it's ready.

Q: Is there any other big news about your company that you would like to share with us?

Yeah, we have a new 'fat burner' formula that's in development right now. I'm really not sure when this one will be ready. Just like with Test Charge, we want to make sure it's dead on. But this much I do know, from the few in-house studies we've done with it already, as I can say is wow!

I can't believe something can do what this stuff does. Another 'game changer'. That's all I can share about it for now.

Q: Let's say a customer comes to you that is just starting out and can only afford one product. Which one do you recommend and why?

It really depends on their goals. I mean, do they want to get stronger, gain weight, lose fat, gain more muscle? But, without knowing all that, I'd say a staple product would have to be Kre-Alkalyn EFX. It gives the best all-around results, no matter if you're bulking or dieting.

Now if you want to turn up the heat and put on more size/strength, the combination of K-OTIC and Test Charge is a must.

K-Otic All American EFX Presents:

K-OTIC™ is literally going to hit you fast and right between the eyes. Because of its unique delivery system, you'll be primed in as little as 15 minutes for an all-out war against the iron.
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Q: What do you believe is the best and worst things about the supplement industry?

I'd say the best thing is that there's so much new technology that just wasn't there for us back in my day. Stuff really works now and many of the liquid/powder mixes taste so much better than they did back then.

The worst thing? In my opinion, I'd say there's still way too much deception. But thanks to the internet, it's getting harder and harder for companies to get away with the typical tricks that used to work in the past.

Q: Before we wrap this up, is there anything else you would like to share or is there anyone you would like to thank or give a shout out to?

Well, thanks for the chance to do this interview! Other than that, I also want to thank all my friends and fans that have supported me over all these years. It's way too easy to forget those who helped make you who you are.

So, "Thank You, Thank You!" I'm continually amazed and humbled by how many people still wait in line at shows to get a picture with me. Much respect to you!

Lastly, working with All American EFX gives me the chance to give back to the industry, the sport and a way to serve all the fans. As we always say, we're here to help you build "Real, Drug-Free Muscle" with our products and information.

So please let us know how we can help!

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