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Supermodel Expo Cheat Sheet

Heading out to a Fitness Expo? Pack like a Supermodel and make a lasting impression!

Heading out to a Fitness Expo? Pack like a Supermodel and make a lasting impression!

Lay out each entire outfit. Include all details from hats, earrings and belts to scarves, fishnets and high heels or boots. Remember the correct bra or undergarments for each set.

It is much better to pack like you are attending all events even if that is not your plan than to be invited to go somewhere at the last minute by someone important and not be dressed like you would have liked.

Pack your wardrobe with a color scheme. This will give you options for swapping accessories and wearing the same shoes for more than one outfit.

Be prepared for impromptu shoots. Bring at least 2 bikinis, high heels, sexy lingerie, 2 sets of workout wear, tennis shoes, flip flops, resort wear and club wear. There is nothing worse than getting asked to do a shoot and only having a competition suit and travel clothes to use.

Garments like this little white number don't
take up much room in your suitcase.

Don't forget the nights! Make sure you don't get caught out and about with old, sloppy sweats on. Here is where you want to be wandering the hotel halls in style! I've often been caught by a 'Long time no see!' friend running around the lobby early getting coffee or something late at night, or a 'Surprise I made it! Can I stay with you?' model bunk in with me so better to be prepared with conservative sleeping attire or cute cover up!

HOT TIP: Stay in the host hotel or visit the host lobbies frequently. One of my first modeling shoots ever was booked in the host hotel lobby by Super Promoter Robin Chang in the middle of the day during a break in event scheduling. The rest of my team all went up for a nap and I went out exploring to return to the room with a real live modeling shoot!

Travel with your own food. Avoid high sodium, high fat airplane, hotel and sundries store food. I like to bake protein the day before and put into zip lock bags. A popular fitness model trick is to pack a can opener, find water packed tuna and order salads. Put a sticky note on your front door if you have food in your refrigerator to remember to bring.

Toiletries: Bring hair and nail touch up kits. If you need a special brush to blow out your hair or comb to part your hair bring it. Bring travel sizes of your shampoo, conditioner and styling gel. Bring travel lotion and body oil. I like to bring a small container of baking soda to brush my teeth with. It super whitens enamel and freshens breath!

Bring your travel toothbrush. If flying check with airline regulations first. Most allow 4 oz travel containers of liquids packed in a see through quart sized zip lock bag. Metal tweezers, files or cuticle scissors no more than 4 inches in length.

For nails bring matching Mani Pedi colors to repair or redo chips. Supermodels take a tip from bombshell sexpot Marilyn Monroe and keep fingernails on the shorter and natural side. Ms. Monroe never wanted anything to detract from the total big picture impact she knew she had with her superior, super sexy, stunning looks and definitely did not want long, dark colored fingernail claws doing this.

TSA had no issues with this savvy packer--until
her body shorted out the X-ray scanner.

Note to all French manicured nailed models - keep them on the shorter side as well! Long, fake nails - even though French tipped, look...long and fake which translates to the cheesy, stripper or lower classed model category for most. Let people notice you not your fingernails!

Network with other models and never be afraid to ask other models for photographer referrals. Be safe and never put yourself in a position where you feel uncomfortable either alone or away with a stranger you have not checked out. Beware believing just anybody with a camera is a quality photographer. Rule of thumb; never take a picture you wouldn't want your Grandmother or unborn children to see.

Party like a Hollywood rock star? Ummm...maybe not! Watch your party manners! Too many shots at the lobby bar make a too wasted you. No one is impressed with a sloppy party girl image. Limit your drinks and stay in the control mode. Let other's reap a bad rep or horrible hang-over skin the next morning. During the Arnold Classic one year, a model friend of mine partied so hard one night; she missed a booked web shoot I was hosting!

She got so sick she actually went home early giving her a bad name for dependability not to mention the lost promotion and money! I had to find a replacement and did. There were many who were waiting for an invite. Do not be that girl who pulled a no-show. You are there to win support and respect of the higher ups.

Be easy to find and friendly to work with! Bring headshots, modeling shots and business cards with your contact phone, E-mail, website address and social network on them. Have resume's ready if requested. Introduce yourself to producers, marketing heads, promoters and photographers. Get their cards and follow up with an E-mail of thanks.

Expo's are a great way to network.
Dial in your body, hook up your career.

While in public, stay off of your phone and converse and relate to the people around you! Constantly texting or checking your phone makes you look self absorbed and unavailable to the living, breathing people around you who can help you achieve your Supermodel goals.

Put your devices away, look up and smile! Since you used your Supermodel Cheat Sheet you are free to have a super great time while looking effortlessly marvelous! Enjoy!

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