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Super Station Training For Beating Crowds & Expectations!

What if I told you I could give you a routine that helps you increase lean muscle mass and lower body fat? Get more out of your chest and back training with this plan! Bonus: Dietary fat loading.

Article Summary:
  • Often when you go to the gym you find much of your time is spent waiting for equipment.
  • This program requires you to find one adjustable bench near the dumbbells and that's all.
  • Nutrition plans should be customized to an individual trainee's needs and reactions.

  • Super Station Training For Beating Crowds And Your Expectations!

    I used to pull my hair out trying to design routines for my clients spread all over the U.S. who were having a difficult time executing supersets due to overcrowded gyms. I tried to match workouts to equipment floor plans, but that was not working either. My results-hungry clientele deserved better so I developed a system great for crowded gyms.

    What if I told you I could give you a routine that help you increase lean muscle mass while potentially reducing body fat in less time than your typical routine? Would that interest you?

    Do not set yourself up for failure by planning to superset between multiple pieces of equipment during gym rush hour. Instead of fighting over the bench press or other machines grab an adjustable bench near the heavy dumbells which allows for a variety of incline angles and grips exclusive to dumbbells.

    Just Grab An Adjustable Bench Near The Heavy Dumbells Which Allows For A Variety Of Angles.
    + Click To Enlarge.
    Just Grab An Adjustable Bench Near The
    Heavy Dumbells Which Allows For A Variety Of Angles.

    Fortunately for you the pretenders who usually get in the way will avoid heavy dumbbells and leave you alone. You will alternate between pressing and prone (face down) dumbbell rows on the adjustable bench so there is no wasted time. Those in a big hurry and emphasizing fat loss can reduce the rest periods below.

    I came up with the routine below for a group of 8 pro athlete investment advisors who were all accomplished trainees and had to exercise during their lunch break in 45 minutes or less.

    Each money man was assigned different grips, rep, set, rest and tempos appropriate for their needs, but all used the concept along with amino loading and customized diet. Over 4 weeks they saw great deal of muscle & strength built!

    "Scott this recent routine has been the most productive I have ever used not only when it comes to new muscle, but also in regard to time. I hate battling for equipment in the gym and you have solved that problem with this routine. To date after completing the 2-4 routines I am up 6 lbs of muscle and down 4 pounds of fat according to a caliper test. Thanks again," - Dave B., Bay FL

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    There is more to training the chest than just your standard press. Stimulating the entire cross section of muscle requires the use of different grips (rotation of the palms) and pressing angles. My advanced clients have earned great results making these small yet significant changes to increase muscle mass and strength.

    One of the many advantages to varying the grip during the workout is the ability to target the weakest link limiting growth. Remember the brain will protect you from injury by shutting down strength gains if weak links arise.

    The most common weakness is an underhand pressing grip which does a great job of addressing the pec minor often neglected during most chest workouts despite its great importance for development. The longer you have been training, the greater your ability to adapt requiring constant change to keep the muscles "interested."

    Rebalance Muscles To Get The V Taper And Reduce Shoulder Pain:

    I perform an assessment of every client's training history to find areas of improvement and I come across shoulder pain very frequently largely due to under development of the pulling muscles.

    You can eliminate a great deal of shoulder pain by rebalancing the system. Think about how many more sets of pressing you have done versus pulling in your life. Over time this gap can create problems which show up as shoulder pain and pulling weakness. The right approach can help you rebalance quickly to support a fantastic V taper look with a wide lat spread and thin waist.

    Do You Do More Pressing Than Pulling Movements?

    They're About Equal.
    I Do More Pulling Than Pressing Movements.

    The routine below presents a great opportunity but only if you load up with aminos to support elevated performance and rapid repair. Dr. Serrano, an accomplished powerlifter supervises training sessions of trial participants to record performance results.

    We both agree that the experienced trainee can see a 5-10% increase in strength and a huge reduction of soreness when loading up with BCAAs & EAAs consistently. This may not seem like much, but 1% often differentiates winners and losers in many competitive arenas. Loading up on aminos between meals builds up vital reserves of amino acids within muscle bellies to support increased rates of recovery, muscle growth and fat loss around the clock.

    You will hog up one bench for a while and be sure to be close to the dumbbell rack so you have many loading tools to choose from. Due to the unfamiliar nature of this routine for most people I suggest 1-2 warm-up revolutions so you can identify the correct weight to use for the first work set.

    Do not be afraid to challenge yourself with heavy loading, but do not sacrifice form. If you are accustom to longer rest periods it is normal for your poundages to decrease for a week or two until your body acclimates to the shorter rest periods. Remember that inadequate rest alone is a fantastic catalyst for muscle growth and fat burning.

    Use the same tempo for all reps- lower the weight on a 3-second count followed by a 1-second pause and lift the weight in an accelerative fashion with no rest on top!

    Trainees Can See Increases In Strength And Reductions In Soreness By Loading Up With BCAAs.
    + Click To Enlarge.
    Trainees Can See Increases In Strength And
    Reductions In Soreness By Loading Up With BCAAs.

    Super Station Training - Your Ticket to a Huge Chest And Back:

    Set your bench to a 30-degree incline.

    Trisets - Three exercises are performed consecutively without any rest.
    Superset - Two exercises are performed consecutively without any rest.

    A One-Size Nutrition Approach Does Not Fit All:

    I field thousands of emails each month from trainees across the world seeking to improve body composition, performance and strength. It seems that the people desperate for help are just lining up at my virtual door after hearing about the success of my clients.

    I am often asked, "I copied the exact same nutrition program that worked well for a friend, but did nothing for me. What is wrong with me?"

    One size does not fit all when it comes to nutrition especially for aggressive goals which require a customized approach to ensure your success.

    For 10 clients I will likely use 10 distinctly different nutrition plans based on a number of factors unique to that individual. While some elements hold true to all people, the reactions that clients will have to certain food sources, amounts, combinations and timing can vary widely. One particular food source might make your friend's muscles look full while that same item can bloat you like a whale.

    Dr. Serrano and I have developed many techniques for identifying the best customized approach and this is an ongoing process that must be refined as conditions change for each client including exercise volume, sleep patterns, stress and more.

    We review a great deal of client feedback and records to measure the effectiveness of program changes. Where body fat is being lost is a key indicator of hormonal changes, daily energy, exercise performance, mental clarity and many others are clear signs as to how well the body is responding to a protocol.

    The Reactions That Clients Will Have To Certain Food Sources, Amounts, Combinations And Timing Can Vary Widely.
    + Click To Enlarge.
    The Reactions That Clients Will Have To Certain Food
    Sources, Amounts, Combinations And Timing Can Vary Widely.

    Dietary Fat Load To Drop 10 Lbs FAST:

    One of the greatest nutrition breakthroughs over the last 10 years is macronutrient loading which is a day or period of hours of increased intake of a certain macronutrient. Carb-loading has long been a staple of many trainees, but dietary fat and protein loading are even more productive for improving body composition.

    "Dietary fat loading has been a great weapon I have used to naturally boost anabolic hormone levels - resulting in increased muscle mass and reduced body fat. We use specific foods high in good fats and a ton of molecularly distilled fish oil to boost beneficial Omega 3 intake.

    A large part of my professional career has been spent conducting long term human trials to identify and resolve barriers to fat loss. The unique ratios and pure raw materials within my custom blend offer a fast track to rapid fat loss along with a properly designed nutrition and training program." - Eric Serrano, MD

    These statements and products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Weight loss and muscle gain are affected by many factors and you may not lose weight or gain muscle.

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