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Get Ready For Summer Super Feature!

Each year it seems like we come out of winter hibernation with a few extra pounds to shed or some extra bodyfat percentages to drop. Start early so you'll have enough time to get into rock-solid, beach-ready shape for some great summer fun and sunshine!

Get Ready For Summer
Super Feature!

Welcome to the "Get Ready For Summer!" Super Feature. Inside we will give you all the tools to get beach-ready in time for summer!

Each year it seems like we come out of winter hibernation with a few extra pounds to shed or some extra bodyfat percentages to drop. Start early so you'll have enough time to get into rock-solid, beach-ready shape for some great summer fun and sunshine!

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    Summer Fat Loss Nutrition

Fat loss is largely dependent on your diet and eating habits. Learn some tips and suggestions on altering your present eating patterns to help shed that extra fat in time for summer!

Summer Nutrition

Getting That Sexy Summer Body
The Importance Of Nutrition
A Long-Term Nutrition Plan! Long-Term Nutrition!
Get some quick & easy steps to rejuvenate your body and reach your nutrition goals.
Manage Urges & Cravings Manage Your Cravings!
When you start longing for a meat lover's pizza try following these stay-sleek strategies!

     Summer Fat Loss Training

Another vital part of summer fat loss is active weight training and regular cardio exercise. Find helpful articles on this important part of your summer weight loss plans, here:

Summer Training

Fat Melting Workouts
How To Make Cardio Fun
Beyond Ripped! Beyond Ripped!
Get ths answers to your training questions on your quest to find The Shredded Zone.
Jamie's Plyo Card Routine! Jamie's Plyo Routine!
Jamie Eason, World's Fittest Model, is here to share one of her favorite plyometric routines!

    Summer Fat Loss Supplements

Supplements are also an important part of the 3-prong approach to fat loss (nutrition, training, supplements). Thermogenic fat burners and other metabolism-boosting products can help! Read more in these supplement articles:

Summer Supplements

Supplement Timing For Success
Fat Loss Supplement Reviews
Mommy & Me Workout. Mommy & Me Workout.
A main issue all new moms face after giving birth are how to bounce back after baby.
7 Fat-Busting Supplements Fat Loss Supplements.
There are 'constant' ingredients in most fat-burners because they are so effective...

    Summer Fat Loss Motivation

Get the accessories to keep you motivated here. Motivational videos, podcasts, wallpapers, backgrounds and much more...

Video Series

Jamie Eason: Beautiful Legs & Booty In The Gym

Watch The Video - 11:44

Watch More From This Series Here.

Top Video Series
Top Video Series
The Fit Show. The Fit Show.
Chapman Media Group and bring you the first Bodybuilding Web Show.
The Poe Show. The Poe Show.
Check out Brandon's tips and tricks on building a great v-taper.
LiftRite Exercise Show. LiftRite Exercise Show.
An innovative exercise show that shows you proper lifing, exercise variations and more...
Getting Cut With Glass. Getting Cut With Glass.
Watch as Charles Glass trains Adam Kirby (and train you!) on how to Get Cut With Glass!


Top Podcasts
Top Podcasts
Awesome Muscles Motivation Podcast. Motivation Podcast.
Dan Gastelu speaks on the special topic of motivation. Learn more!
Living Beautiful Radio. Living Beautiful Radio.
Living Beautiful is created to quench the appetites of the modern-day woman.
Uncensored Secrets. Uncensored Secrets.
There are numerous little tricks and tips to help keep yourself motivated.
Viva La Fitness . Viva La Fitness.
We discuss looking great naked, competitive personality types, and more in this show.


Ashley King.

Ashley King.

Surf's Up!

Surf's Up!

Bill Grant.

Bill Grant.

Gina Ostarly.

Gina Ostarly.

Helki Soraya Weber.

Helki Soraya Weber.

Beach Snapshot.

Beach Snapshot.

MySpace Layout/Backgrounds MySpace Layouts

"Ava Cowan" MySpace Layouts

"Seashore Blue"


Featured BodySpace Members

Find people right next door or around the world with goals and interests similar to your own!

XNick EdgeX. XNick EdgeX.
I'm looking for possible sponsorship opportunities.
Xercisegrl. Xercisegrl.
I want to Add 8-10 LBS muscle; I want MORE!
craigd34 craigd34.
I WON!!! Two Swords to Add to my Wall of Glory.
amysuds amysuds.
I want to Live Healthier. Never be satisfied with how things are.


Read what people right next door or around the world have to say about their progress, goals, and successes!

axlst2's BodyBlog. axlst2's BodyBlog.
Had a pretty solid workout - felt stronger and I look more lean.
Raven433ME's BodyBlog. Raven433ME's BodyBlog.
Are you willing to do what it takes? Learn to "suffer."
sexynicole's BodyBlog sexynicole's BodyBlog
I just want to thank everyone who has taken a look at this site.
gymjunkie07's BodyBlog gymjunkie07's BodyBlog
Today was a great workout overall, great pumps, kept my heart rate up and pushed hard.

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

Check out thousands of pictures of fitness enthusiasts just like you! Or upload your own and send and receive comments on them.

AloneIStand's Gallery AloneIStand's Gallery.
Check out AloneIStand's amazing pics here.
Risat. Risat's Gallery.
Risat has put together a great collection of photos.
eb69's Gallery. eb69's Gallery.
An intense and dramatic series of shots are in this gallery.
NicoleD's Gallery NicoleD's Gallery.
NicoleD has a series of very inspiring pics.

    Summer Merchandise / Products

Fat Loss Products

Top Fat Burner Sellers:

Tanning Products

Top Tanning Sellers:

Skin Care Products

Top Skin Care Sellers:



Tank Tops:

Women's Clothing:

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