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Workout Program: Phase One!

To see the best results from your workouts, the concept of periodization can be followed. Here is a full 3 day per week program designed for Strongmen and powerlifters!

To see the best results from your workouts, the concept of periodization can be followed. This is used in a variety of ways amongst personal trainers and strength coaches around the world to help athletes and other fitness enthusiasts to perform at their best, look their best and train with the least likely chance for injury. In the sport of Mountain biking, the winner isn't always the fastest on the pedals but the person who hits the breaks the least. The point is this, you don't want to "hit your breaks" (get injured) when training for a big track meet, football game, bodybuilding competition, or any other strength sport for that matter. With that in mind, I have developed a workout program that has helped me achieve better and better results in the sport of Strongman. It is designed around the concept of basic movements, Olympic and powerlifting movements, some bodybuilding concepts and most importantly event training. The following is the first phase of training to help build size, strength, and technique.

This is a 3 day/week workout program. External variables affecting your progress in either positive or negative ways include your age, supplement program (drugs vs. natural), calorie intake, and how busy you are. Those that work two jobs, don't eat a whole lot, and are over 30 years of age won't see the same results as a 26 year old, independently wealthy steroid user. So, being tuned into your body and how it feels/reacts to this workout is important so that you can adjust the schedule. If your recovery time is faster, you may do 1 more set per exercise in each workout. If you have slightly slower recovery time and get sick (cold/flu) the first 3-5 weeks of using this program, than you're overtraining and need to take an additional day between each workout.


1. Power Clean
2. Leg Press
3. Narrow Grip Barbell Flat Bench Press
4. Narrow Grip Pull Down
5. Dumbell Hammer Curl
6. Weighted Abs


1. Overhead Barbell Push Press
2. Narrow Grip Barbell Incline Bench Press
3. Standing Barbell Curls
4. Cable Pulls to the Chest
5. Standing Calf Raises
6. Weighted Back Extensions


This day is set aside for event-type training. Once you know what events are at the competition you'll be doing, you must start practicing using lighter weights for technique and working your way heavier while maintain proper, injury-free technique.

This workout program can be done for 4-6 weeks. After this time period, you'll get into Phase Two, which will involve more event training and less volume on the gym lifting.

For the above workout, the following rep schemes can be used for each exercise:

Week Exercise Sets Reps
1 1 1 Max Double
1 2 3 12
1 3 1 Max 6-8
1 4 3 12
1 5 + 6 3 12-15

Week Exercise Sets Reps
2 1 1 Max Single
2 2 4 8
2 3 1 Max 4-6
2 4 4 10
2 5 + 6 3 6-8

Week Exercise Sets Reps
3 1 1 Max Double (top wk 1)
3 2 5 8
3 3 1 Max 6-8 (top wk 1)
3 4 4 8
3 5 + 6 3 6-8

You can then repeat weeks 1-3 again. Each time you do a Max top set you want to try and beat what you did for the same number of reps the previous time. So, lets say you work your way up to a Power Clean of 245 lbs for 2 week 1. For week 3, you want to try and hit 250+ lbs. This is the same with Exercise 3 as well. Each exercise is designed to help you with different events. In previous articles, you've read about what exercises help with what event. Above, you'll find a good variety of exercises designed to help you with size, strength, trunk stability, and event performance improvement.

Look forward in a few weeks to Phase Two.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at: Keep training hard! Special thanks to: Grant & Michelle Higa, Jesse Marunde and Chad Coy. Thanks everyone for your help, support, and encouragement in the sport of Strongman!