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Building A Healthy Body On A Small Budget!

One of the greatest misconceptions people have about making healthy food choices is that it somehow costs too much to eat right. Nothing could be further from the truth! Learn why and how to build a great body on a budget!

One of the greatest misconceptions people have about making healthy food choices is that it somehow "costs too much" to eat right. Nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, people often forget to factor in the sick days, prescriptions, doctor visits, and the price of a reduced quality of life that comes from eating an unhealthy diet.

If you incorporate even just a few of these basic strategies on a regular basis, eating for optimal nutrition health can actually a sound economic decision and valuable investment in your quality of life.

Buy Carbs In Bulk.

Buy oatmeal, brown rice, potatoes, and beans in bulk. Always buy the larger economy sized containers when they are on sale. Learn more about carbs.

Never Buy Full Price Meat Products.

Meat can be frozen for several months so you should only buy it when it is on sale. Watch newspaper circulars for "teaser" sales of meats designed to bring customers in the store. Tuna, chicken breast, and lean beef cuts are ALWAYS on sale at least twice a month. Look for "reduced for quick sale" or other daily specials and stock up when the price is right.

Shop Using A Grocery List.

Don't impulse buy. Every item you buy that you don't need adds to your perceived cost of eating healthier! Sticking to a list will help ensure you do not misappropriate the grocery funds.

Buy Generic.

Let go of your brand & store loyalties. Shop by best value, not brand name.

Limit Purchases Of Toiletries & Cleaning Products & Pre-packaged Foods.

This includes overpriced "diet" foods. These are typically items that are regularly on sale and can be stored a long time so don't buy them for full price. You do not need separate cleansers for everything in the house or to buy what you can make quickly at a fraction of the cost. You do, however, need quality groceries to fuel your body's purposes.

Don't Throw Anything Away.

Freezing leftovers like extra rice, sauces, or chicken in 1/2 c "snack" baggies will money and time. Save for fast meals or lunches instead of eating out.

Primarily Shop The Outer Ring Of The Store.

Most of what you really need to eat is always located in the outer ring of the store. The closer you get to the "epicenter", you'll start to notice chips, soda, too many cans and packages, and finally, cake mixes and ice cream.

Make Your Own Salads.

Bagged lettuce and pre-cut vegetables cost 3-4 times the price of uncut versions. You can tear two heads of dark leafy lettuce or cut up a few pounds of broccoli in less than one minute for the same grab & go convenience.

Limit Experimentation With Nutritional Supplements.

Particularly if you are just beginning a training program. Buy one flavor of protein at a time when it is on sale. Buy what you need to keep training hard but don't go crazy buying products which promise the results that only consistent diet and persistent efforts deliver.

Don't Smoke Or Drink Heavily.

A carton a week habit of smokes or two nights at the bar is worth 50 pounds of sale priced boneless, skinless chicken breast and at least a few years of life.

Eat Clean... At Home.

Learn to cook. Stay home. Save your money for next Tuesday's meat sale or your monthly gym membership.