Stan McQuay’s 4-Week Chiseled Chest Workout Routine

Stan McQuay has a massive chest. He built it with heavy weight and a solid routine of no-bull workouts. Chisel your own perfect pecs!

Stan "the Man" McQuay has a powerful freaking chest. Sure, he's got huge pecs, but he's also got solid shape and density. If you're looking to build a chest so vast it makes your waist look small, you need to channel McQuay and do some heavy lifting.

His chest workouts aren't fancy—there's no need for tricks—they're just effective. Do them for the next four weeks and see what happens. When you've finished, just rinse, repeat and grow.

4 Weeks to a Chiseled Chest

Week 1

(Charles Glass Mod: Slide your butt all the way to the front of the seat, lean back and arch the lower back.)

(Charles Glass Mod: Don't hold the handles, but the actual arms of the machine to make a wider angle.)

Week 2

(Note: Angle bench fairly high. Aim DBs directly over forehead.)

Week 3


Week 4
  • Pick any 4 chest exercises
  • First 3 sets of each exercise, 12-15 reps
  • 4th set is heavy set, 4-6 reps

After it's warmed up, stretch your chest between each set.
Get deep tissue work done on chest once per week to help open up the chest and create more growth.
Use Infinite Labs BCAAs before, during and after each chest workout for maximum growth and recovery.