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The 4 Exercises EVERY Athlete Should Be Doing?

Get the inside scoop on how to strengthen the weakest link that is hurting your performance potential. See the 4 exercises you MUST include in your training program (along with photos and the exact number of sets and reps).

The following methods of strengthening the hamstrings and glutes are alternatives to the strengthening equipment found in Gymnasiums. It is also very helpful when training younger kids, when gym training with heavy weights is not an option.

Training can be done as part of a circuit or an individual session or alternatively as part of a warm up.

When performing these exercises on a regular basis, your hamstrings and glutes will definitely get stronger ensuring more power in your movements.

The Exercises

Start off by doing the pull in or tuck in. (Pulling the navel towards the spine.) Keep the tummy in at all times and squeeze the butt.

  1. Supine bridging. Do 1 - 2 sets of 8 - 12 reps slow and controlled.

    Variations of this movement are:

    A - Keep the heels together.
    B - Keep the heels and knees together or
    C - Arms lifted above the chest

    D - Same movements as above but with one leg at a time. Important to note is that when lifting one leg off the ground and keeping it straight or with the hip extended, the butt should still be kept tight. Also, make sure the hips are still parallel with the ground.

  2. Advanced supine bridge. Do 2 - 3 reps of 15 - 30 sec. Keep tummy tucked in and butt squeezed.

    Progression from this will be to lift one foot of the ground. Make sure that the body stays in a straight line.

  3. High supine bridge. Do 6 - 8 reps and hold for 15 - 30 sec. Slow and controlled.

    Progression from this position is:

  4. Inclined supine bridge. Same reps and sets and in high supine bridge.

    Progression from this position is:

    Still more advanced will be to lift the leg while keeping it straight.

About the Author

Les Archer, speed and conditioning coach (Golden Lions and Cats super 12 rugby) and International track and field coach (sprints and long jump coach.)