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The Development Of Speed!

There are many components in the development of speed and many ways to train for speed. Some of the main principles are put together in this article.

There are many components in the development of speed and many ways to train for speed. We believe in some important principles when discussing speed development or speed enhancement.

One must always concentrate first and foremost on the basic fundamentals of sprinting. Then we must follow a simple concept. If you want to be fast, you must train fast.

While that seems fairly easy to comprehend, you will still find athletes training slow and wondering why they are not getting faster. The total development of the fast-twitch muscle fiber is imperative in achieving speed.

The Path To Speed

Below are five significant points in speed development. Follow them and you'll find the path to speed is not without hard work.

1»Learn How To Run Properly

    This may sound simplistic, but like anything else, you must be fundamentally sound or you will not gain speed efficiently. Proper sprint mechanics are vital to increasing speed and you must educate yourself to how your body operates.

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2»Understand The Force Applications

    How do we utilize our upper body to maximize the frequency in our lower body? How does our upper body work in conjunction with our lower body? What should our arms do? What should our legs do?

    Learn The Force Applications.
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3»Understand The Stride Cycle

    You will not increase speed efficiently without understanding this very important topic. What are the phases of the stride cycle? How do I train them?

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    If you want to get faster, you'd better get stronger. There is no such thing as a weak sprinter. You need strength to accelerate and apply force.

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5»Train Fast!

    You cannot get faster by running slow. It is impossible. The fastest way to lose speed is to go on a slow run. You must train fast if you want to be fast!

    Train Fast!
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    You must re-program the neuromuscular system to condition the muscle fiber so that it recognizes how to behave. We want the muscle to be explosive, powerful and fast ... so we must train it that way.

Speed & Efficiency

Until the athlete understands all of the above, speed progression will be stunted. Training fast is the key to speed development and enhancement, but one will not develop or increase speed unless he or she trains fast and efficient ... you cannot do one without the other.

Cross training is also vital to speed development. Explosive training such as plyometrics to compliment strength training is important. A well-rounded speed athlete trains in all these areas.

High Intensity Plyometric Exercises.
High powered plyometrics or high intensity plyometrics (HIP) are for the more advanced athletes.
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It is important that the athlete has a full understanding of their training regimen. There are no shortcuts in achieving, developing or enhancing speed.

It is your choice to get fast or stay slow. Hard work is the building block of every achievement. Speed is no different. Shortcuts fail. Slow fails.

Good luck in your quest for speed and remember to always TRAIN FAST!