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Clayton's Health Facts: Valerian.

Clayton South, SPN (ISSA), is a recognized expert in the bodybuilding / fitness industry with over 150 bodybuilding, fitness and nutrition publications to his credit.

What Is It?
And Where Does It Come From?

Valerian Root has been used as a sleep aid for over 1,000 years. It's ability to help relax the central nervous system, promote feelings of calm, decrease levels of anxiety and stress, and enhance sleep are known to millions the world over. Unlike some prescription sleep aids, Valerian is not known to cause morning grogginess and is non-addictive.

Flowered Valerian.
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You can help your body and mind relax by taking Valerian Root which aids relaxation and promotes sleep.

What Does It Do?
And What Scientific Studies Give Evidence To Support This?

The effect of an aqueous extract of valerian (Valeriana officinalis L.) root on subjectively rated sleep measures was studied on 128 people. Each person received 9 samples to test (3 containing placebo, 3 containing 400 mg valerian extract and 3 containing a proprietary over-the-counter valerian preparation). The samples, identified only by a code number, and presented in random order, were taken on non-consecutive nights.

And Are There Any Side Effects?

Valerian produced a significant decrease in subjectively evaluated sleep latency scores and a significant improvement in sleep quality: the latter was most notable among people who considered themselves poor or irregular sleepers, smokers, and people who thought they normally had long sleep latencies. Night awakenings, dream recall and somnolence the next morning were relatively unaffected by valerian.

Pharmacol Biochem Behav. 1982 Jul;17(1):65-71.

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