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Applied Bodybuilding Research - 11-11-04!

Is chromium picolinate safe for fat loss, can kiwi fruit help your heart, what is sleep apnea and more...

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Chromium Picolinate: Is It Safe?

Like ephedra and prohormones, chromium picolinate has come under fire in times past and has been blamed for several cases of liver damage. Users of chromium picolinate claim that it is a safe and effective way to reduce bodyfat and boost energy, and persons with blood sugar disorders use chromium to treat their condition. So, who is right?

A study published in Food and Chemical Toxicology, June 2004 has confirmed chromium picolinates' safety by demonstrating that chromium picolinate does not, in any dose, have harmful side-effects in humans.

Source: Food and Chemical Toxicology, June 2004.

Chromium & Heart Disease…

Chromium is necessary for optimal health. It facilitates fat loss, and helps to stabilize blood sugar levels. It may also help to prevent heart disease.

A study published in the September 2004 issue of Diabetes Care has shown that chromium deficiency in men with type 2 diabetes led to significantly higher rates of heart disease.

It is unclear how this study translates to male bodybuilders free from diabetes, but chromium deficiency is best avoided.

Source: Diabetes Care, September 2004.

Kiwi Fruit & Your Heart…

Kiwi fruit is widely consumed and is loved for its soft inner fruit and sweet taste. New research by scientists in Norway shows that the effects of consuming two to three kiwi fruit per day can protect the heart in a way that is similar to taking an aspirin daily. Effects include a lowering of blood triglycerides, and a prevention of blood clotting. The reduction of blood triglycerides levels may possibly lead to fat loss.

For optimal health, bodybuilders should consume a variety of fruits.

Source: United Press International.

Sleep Apnea: Its Metabolic Consequences…

If you wake up most mornings feeling tired and fatigued, regardless of when you go to bed, you may be one of the twenty million Americans who suffer from sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea is a disorder whereby an individual will stop breathing for up to one half of a minute during sleep, and will violently awake in order to continue breathing. This can occur up to ten times per hour and severely disrupt the recovery enhancing abilities of sleep.

Sleep: Myths And Facts!
Lots of people have strong views and misconceptions about sleep or lack of it. A lot of these are shaped by living in an essentially sleep deprived post-industrial society...
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Now, research has demonstrated that those with sleep apnea have an increased risk for cardiovascular disease. This link is most strongly seen in obese or overweight individuals.

If your ability to recover from exercise is seemingly low, it may be worthwhile to undergo testing for sleep apnea.

Source: The Associated Press. Yawning? Snoring? You may have sleep apnea Without treatment, disorder can lead to cardiovascular disease

Weight Loss? Up Your...

Nose. At least that's the word from scientists in Washington.

Whereas until the present weight loss drugs have been oral in nature, a new nasal weight-loss drug is showing promise. The drug, known simply as PPY (Peptide YY 3-36) , is, according to manufacturers, effective at treating not only obesity, but also related conditions like diabetes, cancer, and hypertension.

The new drug has shown promise in limited clinical trials and may be available by the end of 2005 pending FDA approval.

This drug, if successful in clinical trials, may prove useful for dieting bodybuilders.

More will be presented as data becomes available.

Source: The Associated Press Weight-loss nasal spray in the works. Merck partnering with tiny company on obesity drug

Male Birth Control…

In the November 2003 of this column, I outlined a new birth control patch for men that was delivering favorable results in clinical trials.

Now, scientists report that a new method of birth control may be available for men: the injection.

Until recently men have been limited to condoms or vasectomies in their contraceptive options. Women have had the option of injections for some time, and scientists report that this new option for men is achieving favorable results.

More will be published as the research becomes available.

Source: The Associated Press Progress reported on male birth control pill. New contraceptive options may soon be available.

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