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The Supplement Files: Nutrabolics Diablo.

In this issue of The Supplement Files, Clayton reviews a cell-oxidizing from Nutrabolics. Read more...

Diablo Advanced Cell-Oxidizing Matrix
Company: Nutrabolics Advanced Sports Innovations
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First Impression

    The packaging on this product is colorful and appropriate. The label is made from materials of standard quality and packaging catches the eye.

    The manufacture of the product is clearly indicated and a detailed ingredient profile is provided on the rear of the label. However the product features are not listed on the packaging and no indication is given as to the products intended purpose or function.

    A metered oral syringe is included with the product, and clear dosing procedures are provided on the rear of the product label.

First Impression:
(6 out of 10 stars)

Nutritional Breakdown

According to packaging, the following ingredients are in this product:

Nutrition Facts:

    Supplement Facts
    Calories 9
    Total Fat 0g
    Saturated Fat 0g
    Total Carbohydrates 0g
    L-Citrulline Malate 3000mg
    Designer Cell-Oxidizing Complex 1000mg
    Di-Arginine Malate
    Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide

    The above profile has not been verified by independent lab assay. Attempts to acquire a lab assay from Nutrabolics were not successful, as the proprietary matrix in the product is a Nutrabolics secret and, aside from possible rights infringements, disclosure of this matrix may harm Nutrabolics.

    The product also contains potassium.

Nutritional Breakdown:
(8 out of 10 stars)



The product is bright / fluorescent green in color and smells of sour apple. The semi viscous liquid is very sour but has a pleasant taste of sour apple. The pleasant taste of the product made product administration easy and pleasant.

Use of the metered oral syringe was made somewhat difficult because of bottle design, but the syringe was helpful and considerably simplified the administration process.

This product is user-friendly.


The product was easy to consume. However, post-administration acidosis was experienced on several occasions due to product acidity. Ph balance could be improved upon in future product releases as this may eliminate post-administration acidosis.

Stimulation of the central nervous system was noted. Product administration resulted in a substantial enhancement of energy levels and focus, feelings of well being, and a desire to train. This product greatly enhanced motivation and athletic performance.

The effects of this product on focus, energy levels, desire and feelings of well being are similar to 10mg of the pharmaceutical riphenidate.

Product Cost

The cost for this product is $40.98 USD. This price was provided by the manufacturer.

(9 out of 10 stars)

Bottom Line…

Although package design is appropriate, the package design for this product fails to state the products purpose or intended function. Without the necessary prerequisite scientific knowledge to intelligently evaluate the ingredient listing on the rear of the products label, the consumer may be left completely unaware that this product serves to enhance energy levels and elicit effects of the kind listed above.

Product use is greatly simplified by the inclusion of a metered oral syringe, but the Ph balance of the liquid detracts from the overall experience of product administration. This is largely offset by the products pleasant taste and its considerable effects on mood, energy levels, focus, and the desire to train.

The product contains only 4.5 calories per serving size, and thus it can be used by persons on calorie restricted diets. The presence of citrulline mallate and diarginine mallate make this product an efficient energy booster, and the presence of potassium serves to further enhance athletic performance.

While the ingredients have not been verified by independent lab assay, the products ability to affect noticeable change is indicative of the bioactive ingredients listed on the label.

This product is a good value.

Overall Rating:
(7 out of 10 stars)

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