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Applied Bodybuilding Research: The Latest News - 09-15-03!

Learn why teens need more vitamin D, how creatine can make you smarter, how your BMI and your cardiovascular risk correlate with each other, how you can use andro for hrt, all about McDonalds new health foods and much more...

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Many Teens Deficient In Vitamin D

Vitamin D (Calciferol) is an important prohormone (it is derived from cholesterol) that performs many functions. Recent data suggests that many North-American teenagers are deficient in Vitamin D. This stems, in part, from poor nutrition and little or no exposure to sunlight.

Vitamin D is crucial for the proper functioning of the bodies immune system. Deficiencies can place one at risk for developing skin cancers, resulting from little to no sun protection. Bodybuilders often consume enough vitamin D through diet and tanning. If more teenagers became physically active, the tide of this emerging epidemic would be stopped.


Breaking Creatine Research...

Breaking research has recently demonstrated that aside from making you stronger and more muscular, creatine may improve your ability to retain information (improve short term memory), as well as boosting overall intelligence and the ability to recall information stored in the long-term memory.

According to research, creatine may play a role in maintaining energy levels in the brain. Over a six-week period, 45 volunteer subjects were administered creatine orally and were required to learn a series of numbers, as dictated by researchers. After hearing the number sequence, the subjects were asked to repeat the sequence to the researchers, to test for accuracy and comprehension.

Results found that the control group was able to remember and recite a seven digit series of numbers, whereas the test group was able to remember and recite 8.5. This study suggests that aside from building muscle, creatine may make you smarter.

SOURCE: United Press International. August 12, 2003.

Food Pyramid Revision?

Almost everyone is familiar with what is known as the "food pyramid." The handy quick reference tool was designed to assist people in determining how many servings per day of each food group they needed to eat in order to maintain health. After 40 years the U.S. Government has decided to revise the pyramid, taking into account a persons age, gender, weight and activity level.

While this may sound like a step in the right direction, and while it may have SOME noticeable impact on the nations overwhelming obesity problem, the revision may prove futile.

How so?

As shocking as it may be, the government is not recommending that people lower their energy (caloric) intake. Many scientific studies show that caloric intake more than any other factor is responsible for "weight loss."

So, things may turn out as they always do: People mistaking a serving of potatoes for French fries, and a serving of meat as meatloaf or Chicken McNuggets. Obesity may yet be with us for a long, long time.

SOURCE: Gersema, E. Associated Press. Ag Department to Revise Food Pyramid.

BMI, Physical Fitness And Cardiovascular Risk In Men: Linked?

Yes, according to research. German researchers have compiled data on 3127 healthy Caucasian males between the ages of 18 to 27, and have concluded that individuals with a body mass index rating of 25 kg/m(2) or lower had lowered blood pressure, and low serum lipid levels. The lower the individual's body mass index rating, the more favorable results for the individual.

For bodybuilders, however, the body mass index rating system does not apply. Bodybuilders do not belong to any of the populations for whom the body mass index rating system was developed. To measure overall health, bodybuilders should be concerned with body composition in general, and bodyfat percentage in particular.

SOURCE: Int J Obes Relat Metab Disord. 2003 Aug;27(8):979-82.

Andro For Hrt?

For years doctors have been debating the efficacy HRT - Hormone replacement therapy. Commonly, HRT is administered using injections, the patch, or in an oral format, and typically given only to older adults.

Recently, doctors have become concerned about the effect of steroids on the liver. This has prompted doctors and health-care providers to consider cheaper and safer alternatives. One alternative being debated is the use of andro supplements. The only problem with this approach is that time and again doctors have been claiming that Andro does not work. You may recall such claims by the same professionals about anabolic steroids in the early to late 1980s.

A recent study found that Andro is ineffective for raising hormone levels in older populations. Thus, one could conclude, from this study, that Andro is an ineffective supplement, but this conclusion would be incorrect. Mountains of anecdotal evidence from across the world continue to demonstrate that Andro is an effective supplement for raising hormone levels.

Perhaps doctors will, as they did with anabolic steroids in the late 1980s, finally catch-up with mainstream bodybuilding and conclude that Andro is effective and safe. Maybe then people will begin to receive the health-care that they are paying for.

Source: Arch Intern Med. 2000 Nov 13;160(20):3093-104.

Mcdonalds - Health Food?

Because of recent lawsuits brought against fast-food chains from obese persons and their (money) HUNGRY lawyers, McDonalds has introduced its new light menu. The light menu contains menu choices like fresh-tossed chicken salad, lowfat milk, orange juice, and chicken nuggets made with all white meat.

Does this mean that McDonalds food is now "healthy?" If you ask a company spokesperson, they will argue that McDonalds brand foods can be incorporated into ones nutritional plan with little problem. What they do not say is that because most people know little to nothing about health, this incorporation seldom plays out in the real world. Theoretical? Yes. Practical? Not likely.

Since 1950, the average serving size in North America has increased by over 400%! In the 1950's, obesity was a rare condition, but not today. Reports published in the NHANES index estimate that 61% of US adults are overweight or obese. Fast food and poor dietary choices are partly to blame for the epidemic.

While McDonalds should be applauded for its attempt to simultaneously thwart obesity lawsuits and get people to make healthier food choices, the onus for health is not on big business. Business is in business for one purpose: to make money. The free market is not a charity, nor is its function to act as a surrogate brain for individuals who choose to remain ignorant on health matters.

Following a bodybuilding lifestyle and exercise are great ways to prevent or treat obesity. Although SOME choices at the fast food counter are better, HEALTHY CHOICES can still be made only by the individual. Four words: "Eat less, exercise more."

SOURCE: Houston teams with McDonald's to fight fat

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