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Pre-Olympia 2006 Interview With Canadian Superstar, Mindi O'brien!

Now, in the days running up to the 2006 Olympia, Mindi O'Brien speaks in her own words about what's she's doing, what's she's learned, and more. Read on for the details.

When I last interviewed Mindi O'brien in November 2004 she was fresh off her victory at the Canadian Bodybuilding Federation National Championships. Mindi had just realized her dream of becoming an IFBB professional by winning her pro card with a stunning first place finish.

Mindi O'Brien: Canada's Newest Star Speaks! Mindi O'Brien: Canada's Newest Star Speaks!
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The rise of Mindi O'brien to the top of Canada's Women's Bodybuilding has been a long road. O'Brien has been training for over twenty years, sticking to a tough but very effective training regimen of 5-7 days per week. Before she started bodybuilding, O'Brien was a successful provincial / national gymnast for fifteen years, training an average of 20-24 hours per week.

Now it's 2006 and in the almost two years since my last interview with her, Mindi O'Brien has proven herself as "Canada's Best" female bodybuilding and fitness athlete and has shown the World that her successes are lasting and will get only bigger.

Now, in the days running up to the 2006 Olympia, Mindi O'Brien speaks in her own words about what's she's doing, what's she's learned in the two years since the last interview, and what the bright future holds for her.

The Interview

[ Q ] Mindi, since our last interview in 2004, how have you been? What's new?

    Hi Clayton! What's new? I have been extremely busy since our last interview.

    I have been competing non-stop since I turned professional back in 2004. In all, I have competed in twelve IFBB Pro shows: 2 Arnold Classics, and this will be my 3rd Fitness Olympia next week.

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    Mindi O'Brien.
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    I have also been building TEAMOBRIEN COMPETITIVE FITNESS with my husband Dennis. Our Team is expanding and we are producing many provincial and Canadian Champions. TEAMOBRIEN has now relocated to a larger facility and are now coaching hockey players, golfers, football players, national level figure skaters, UFC fighters, lacrosse players and University level rowers. We are totally inspired to coach and work with these amazing athletes.

    Also, I am excited to announce that I have recently launched my newest DVD: All About Mindi-Part 1. Check it out at Part 2 will be released in time for the ARNOLD CLASSIC.

[ Q ] What do you hope to accomplish at this years Fitness Olympia?

    My goal this year at the Fitness Olympia is to bring a better overall package to the stage. I have worked extremely hard on improving on my physical weaknesses and I feel a lot more confident going into this show.

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    Over the last few years I have learned so much about myself as an athlete and as a person, and I have realized that the only person that I have to please is me. If I can walk away from the stage knowing that I given it my all, then I have achieved my goal. When the day of the show comes all of the hard work has already been done, so all I need to do is go out, have fun and perform - whatever happens, happens.

    Mindi Mindi
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    All I Need To Do Is Go Out, Have Fun & Perform.
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    I feel it's an honor to have earned the opportunity to compete at the most prestigious event in our sport and it's an honor to have the opportunity to compete amongst the best fitness competitors in the world.

[ Q ] What aspects of your training, nutrition and competition preparation have you improved in the past several years?

    I think with all of the experiences that I have entailed over the past several years have made me a stronger person, both mentally, and physically. We have finally figured out the formula that works best for me.

[ Q ] What keeps the fire for bodybuilding alive in you?

    The love and passion that I have for the sport.

    I love what I do, I love the people that I interact with and I enjoy being able to help change/motivate/watch other people make healthy lifestyle changes and reach their own personal fitness goals.

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    I Love What I Do.
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[ Q ] Do you think that bodybuilding translates to the general public? And what do you think we need to do to make it mainstream? Is it possible?

    Bodybuilding has a big following within the bodybuilding industry/community, but I personally feel that bodybuilding is an extreme sport and would probably do much better and receive more publicity if it were part of the EXTEME/ X GAMES. This way we would get more of a hard core public fan base.

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[ Q ] In your personal training business, what do you think is the hardest part of getting across the message of bodybuilding?

    We coach all types of athletes ranging in all types of sports. Some athletes are more extreme than others. But, I find that the hardest thing to get across is the discipline with nutrition and how important it really is, and then of course the importance of "consistency" with your workouts. Being consistent with your workouts is really the only way to ensure that there is a constant progression of improvement.

    Mindi Mindi
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    Consistency Brings Progress.
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    Basically, I'm saying: too many people think that they can take 2-3 months off and then focus for 3-4 months on competing, and the message I try to get across is that this is a lifestyle.

[ Q ] What new business ventures have you started in the fitness industry?

    Business has been very successful for TEAMOBRIEN this year. We have had the opportunity to coach many talented fitness and figure athletes who were extremely successful at the regional, provincial and national levels.

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    Business Has Been Very Successful.
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    We have just re-located our business to a new training facility, THE DOWNTOWN HEALTH CLUB in St. Catharines, Ontario. Our new facility has given us the opportunity to grow and take on new clients. We are now coaching athletes from all different sports while still expanding our competitive fitness and figure team.

    Doug Schneider (photographer/vidoeographer) and I have teamed up and just released my newest DVD: ALL ABOUT MINDI: PART 1. We are very pleased to have released this video and have received very positive feedback from fans and media.

    Now, we are now in the process of editing ALL ABOUT MINDI: PART 2 and it will be released in the new year. We will begin taping for Part 3 in the New Year as well.

[ Q ] What is something that people may not know about you, Mindi O'Brien as a person?

    Most people are shocked when they find out that I have a 14 year old son. It's even more surprising to them when I tell them that I didn't know I was pregnant until I was 8 months into my pregnancy!

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[ Q ] If you were in charge of the IFBB today what changes would you implement? What would you change about competition today?

    I would add more fitness competitions to the pro circuit and would love to see one take place in Canada! It would be nice to see the prize money increased for all female competitors â€" bodybuilding, fitness and figure competitors.

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    A Prize Money Increase Would Be Nice.
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    At the Olympia and the Arnold Classic it would be nice to see every competitor receive some kind of prize money.

[ Q ] What advice would you give to women who are looking to make a serious run at competition?

    Make sure that you do your research well, learn about all of the different federations, go to shows, and speak with the competitors and go on their websites to ask questions.

    Also, ask yourself "What do I want to do?" and "What do I want to get out of it?"

    Mindi Mindi
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    Ask Yourself, "What Do I Want To Do?"
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    Financially, competition is expensive, so the big questions will always be: can you afford it? Do you have a strong support system?

    I think that if you're looking to make a serious run at competition you must hire yourself a reputable trainer who can help design the best program for you to achieve the best results. If you still want to do this after you have done your research and have answered these questions, then I say: GO FOR IT... HAVE FUN AND ENJOY THE JOURNEY!!!

[ Q ] What does the future hold for Mindi O'Brien?

    I plan on competing as an IFBB Pro for as long as I can. My goal is to continue building our company, TEAMOBRIEN, and continue promoting fitness and figure in Canada.

    Mindi Mindi Mindi
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    I Plan On Competing As Long As I Can.
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    Dennis and I now offer many different programs at our new facility to help educate and promote health and fitness to women of all ages. We are currently offer bootcamps, plan for your retirement programs, bride-to-be fitness camps, kids fitness, pre/post pregnancy classes, and more. We would love to continue to see more and more women achieve their fitness goals.

    For my WORKOUT VIDEO: my 3rd DVD will be an educational workout video designed specifically for women wanting to get the best results possible.

    I am very excited to start taping this video!

    Mindi O'Brien can be reached at


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