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Cutting The Sandbags On Your Balloon!

If you understand how things fit all together. You don't need to sit down and create a thesis on your life. Merely having the skills developed from this exercise, you'll instantly start to innervate your life's details ... start pulling back the anchor.

Making my way up on the mountain, I scan the horizon and observe the on-goings of critters and their lives. The hum emanates from the valley like a frazzled engine straining against lack of lubrication, low quality fuel, and overused exhausted parts. The machine.

Are You A Wanderer ...

There are those who work to wake themselves from the dogmatic slumber of the Machine, the System; who try to emancipate themselves from the fetters of mediocrity. The normal trial for this of course is wandering ... trial and error, hoping to find one's way through the thick to the Mountain's Summit.

As if the uncut path was not treacherous enough, you encounter charlatans, frauds and sometimes just plain evil men who attempt to obfuscate your journey. They display charm and ingenuity. They smile and shake your hand. They litter your feet with luxuries and conveniences. They offer to guide, direct and "lead" you. They even offer to walk the path for you saying it's too dangerous for the inexperienced and too difficult a quest to justify the rewards. They of course then offer to "get" you the rewards without the journey, if you only sign at the dotted line ... your soul away.

You've signed your soul away many times throughout your life. Each time you do, it seems like you can't "get out of it" - it gives the impression that the contract is binding. Each time you overcome some obstacle, you realize that you weren't really trapped in that job, that relationship, that injury, that pattern, that addiction. But have you put it together that you have not accepted THIS pattern of forgetting? You can't sell your soul because it doesn't belong to you.

Each time you overcome an obstacle you should REINFORCE that you control your own life, and you are NEVER obligated to continue in a way which does you ill, hurts you or your loved ones, limits your development as a person or limits the development of your loved ones.

The contracts these vile parasites spin give the illusion that you become obligated to them for the rewards they purport to give you. But you see, these contracts are the sandbags on your Balloon! These sandbags which evil men will tell you "keep you grounded and realistic" in truth only "weigh you down." They give the illusion that you can "tie yourself down." But that's all it is - an illusion. An illusion which you re-accept each time you feel yourself weighed or tied down.

Ever feel like you live in a roller-coaster? Up and down, up and down, up and down! Now, imagine that you are in your balloon, and someone helps lift you up, helps you get loose from a "snag." Up you go, and the view exhilarates you, the rush of the wind fills you full, and the taste of the clean air energizes you.

SLAM! You get hit by a cross-wind and immediately you see some "expert" standing on a small rounded hill, surrounded by a cult of followers who praise his "elevation."

He offers to assist you - all you must do is throw your tow line to him and "drop anchor." He tells you to be realistic, that your goals are "too high" or "impossibly idealistic" or "too ambitious." He tells you that soaring is a dangerous thing only experts are qualified to do. He says that the Hill is as high as you can hope to attain. He says that he can only teach you 1% of what he knows because you are too "dirty inside" and that you are not "ready for the information."

But soon your intuition overrides your insecurities and you pull up anchor. You wish the "expert" well, hoping he finds his way. You wave goodbye to him and casually notice that only one of your fingers managed to wave.

Up you go again, enjoying the view, the wind, the taste ... And SLAM another unhealthy relationship, job, pattern, addiction enters your life. You look for "grounding" and "anchor" at the nearest expert's Hill. Up and down, up and down, moving forward. From your vantage point this course tends to feel like you ride a rollercoaster.

But here's the good news. You can CHOOSE to stop dropping anchor. You can SOAR at any time. Many people read my materials and become confused when I tell them:

Mastery Happens In A Second. Mastery Is A Decision.

You can choose to stop dropping anchor, and mastery just happens. You see, you are always and already masterful. Why do you think you go Up? It is only the anchoring, the "Fear-Reactivity" which I describe in Body-Flow, which binds your flow, which tethers you to the ground, which inhibits your ascending the Mountain.

Mastery is a choice, a difficult, frightening choice. It involves both acceptance of personal autonomy and surrendering to the Underlying Order of the Universe.

The wind is Benign and only Faith can assure you of that, especially when it slams you into an object to "test" your skills, your recovery process, your conviction and dedication to the Path. Transcending yourself is not a reckless joy-ride, but it is a Buoyant ("Up-Lifting") one, if you CHOOSE to perceive it so.

What Is Buoyancy?

What is that special elixir of harmony, synergy and flow, which makes life grand?

Buoyancy = Determination & Persistence / Attraction & Attachment

This directly relates to the Happiness Formula which I teach:

Happiness = Fulfillment / Desires

The hotter the air in your balloon and the less attractions and attachments you have, the more buoyant your life becomes and the higher you soar. In other words, you need to be "lighter" than the "heaviness" of things around you.

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To remain and increase your Buoyancy you need total commitment, complete resolution, for only determination and persistence are omnipotent. But you'll need more than this! You will need the flexibility and the compassion to forgive yourself WHEN your faith wavers. It doesn't matter what you do when your faith is strong, when the situation does not challenge you so much that you question your commitment. In life it only matters what you do when you perceive situations to be so dire that your faith falters and you doubt whether you are strong enough, whether you are prepared enough. How fast do you RECOVER your faith in those grim times?

With no anchors on your development, with no sandbags on your balloon, when you detach from your addictions, your "baggage," there are still great perils - violent thermal updrafts which catapult your balloon upward racing out of controlled ascent, vicious cross-winds which threaten to shear off your balloon and dropping you to back to the bottom of the Valley to face deceleration trauma.

You have to have Faith that every challenge you face was specifically composed to help you develop in the SPECIFIC manner you need to develop. You manifest every challenge you need to face ... In order to recognize that you must accept that you still have baggage, addictions, attachments, anchors - and then locate where they are on your balloon.

You'll learn how to steer. No problem! Keep patient. Have faith. Free yourself from the Machine and do not sign contracts with experts on Hills (and if you have, the contract is by definition invalid!)

To help you, you need to understand the contents of your balloon. I created this model about a decade ago, and love to use it still (though in recent years, little men on Hills have been mutating this model into perversions "for a price".) My model is free, no "strings attached" to your balloon.

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If you don't have a deliberate and internally contiguous personal philosophy, your Balloon won't inflate with all the propane in the world. There's just no ignition.

Now, instead of trying to feed you what a personal philosophy comprises, I've done something much better. I've given you a written example. I've given you Body-Flow. Just as important as the actual content of the book, Body-Flow is an exercise in deliberating and crafting continuity in a personal philosophy based upon the need for flow in life.

If you understand how things "fit all together." You don't need to sit down and create a thesis on your life (though that's a great exercise in itself.) Merely having the skills developed from this exercise, you'll instantly start to innervate your life's details sending tendrils to all of your activities, pulling back anchors and releasing attachments ... cutting the sandbags.

The rest is up to you. Stop lurking. Start engaging. Get-up, Step-up and Lift-up.

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