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Skip La Cour's Transformation Podcast: Goals & Motivation Podcast Listing!

Skip La Cour joins us once again with a new podcast to help you set realistic goals and use motivation to successfully build a better self and a better lifestyle. Listen right here.

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arrow Episode 24: July 2, 2009
     Keep Your Bodybuilding/Training Efforts Simple & Effective!

    Have you unknowingly adopted the belief that your bodybuilding and training strategies must be complex in order to be effective? Many bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts have — and have trouble understanding why they can't follow through with their plans. To them, there is no option than the one they have chosen if they want to succeed.

    Skip La Cour, six-time national champion bodybuilder, success coach, and speaker, will challenge your current beliefs, get you to think about your individual "breaking point" that makes you feel good about your efforts, give examples of strategies that might be unnecessarily too complex for the goals you are striving to reach, and challenge you to become a stronger person rather than rely on making the bodybuilding process easier.

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Transformation Podcast: Keep Training Simple!

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