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Skinny Guy's Guide To A Beach Body: Renewed Tips For Muscle Gain!

Are you too skinny and wanting to add some definition for summer? Most people are concerned about fat loss. The skinny guy's concern is a lack of muscle. Here are training, nutrition, and supplement tips to a great beach body this summer.

Article Summary:
  • Take advantage of the warm weather and perform your cardio outside.
  • Having a tan naturally brings out the definition in your muscles.
  • Cutting back in the gym will actually help you progress faster.

While most people are most concerned about the excess fat they've accumulated over the winter months when it comes to stripping down for the beach season, for the skinny guy, your concern is more of lack of muscle size and potentially, definition.

Skinny guys tend to be quite lean in general, so body fat isn't an issue. Your issue is that you want a fuller, more muscular look. Because of this, your beach body plan is going to be considerably different than someone's who is trying to burn off that last layer of fat. Here is your exclusive guide to a beach body this summer.

Follow The Tips Below To Get Your Beach Body This Summer.
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Follow The Tips Below To Get
Your Beach Body This Summer.

dot Limit Your Workout Time: dot

      Since the summer is here and you likely are going to want to get out and enjoy the outdoors more, allow this to work in your favour. One mistake many skinny guy's make it doing too much in the gym, so cutting back is actually going to help you progress faster.

If you've been doing four sessions of weights in the gym, cut that back to three full body workouts a week. Focus on the compound lifts and lift heavy and hard. Once you're finished, get out of the gym for a day or two and allow your body to rest and recover while you get outside and enjoy yourself.

How Many Days Do You Spend At The Gym?

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      Most individuals will struggle making it to the gym for their workouts when all the outdoor activities are calling their name and this will negatively impact their progress. For you, as long as you keep up your few high intensity sessions a week, it's actually going to help your progress. For example, here's a full body workout that would work well for most skinny guys.

Workout A:

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Workout B:

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Alternate between workout A and workout B aiming to complete two to three workouts each week with at least one day of rest in between.


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dot Cardio Training: dot

      For the skinny guy, your


      training serves two primary purposes. Purpose A is to boost your


      so you'll be able to consume more


      . Purpose B is to maintain good cardiovascular fitness for health reasons. Your


      is not, however, to burn a high amount of calories with each session.

During the summer months take advantage of the warmer weather and perform your cardio outside. Rollerblading, walking, hiking, or a game of light soccer or basketball are all perfect outdoor cardio options.

Take Advantage Of The Warmer Weather And Perform Your Cardio Outside.
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Take Advantage Of The Warmer Weather
And Perform Your Cardio Outside.

dot Diet Planning: dot

      The third component of the skinny guy's beach body plan is the diet. This is a critical part of the plan since if you aren't supplying enough calories you aren't going to fill your body out. While most people will be searching for ways to lighten their fare during the summer months, you'll want to find ways to increase your calories over and above what you're typically eating.

During the warmer summer months good food choices include things such as BBQ chicken burgers, steaks, or ribs, corn on the cob (a more calorie dense form of vegetable), home made French fries in the barbeque or oven, pasta salad made with low-fat mayonnaise and cottage cheese for added protein, and smaller amounts of ice cream as a cold treat on a hot day.

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    Adding some 'fun' foods to your summer diet is alright provided you're still meeting your main protein and nutrient needs. Most skinny guys do not need to worry about excess fat gain, so the added sugar or fat in ice cream for example, isn't a huge problem - if anything it will help you reach your calorie total for the day.

dot Supplement Protocol: dot

      Along with careful dietary planning, there are a few supplements that would be smart additions to your day. Most skinny guys will do well on


      as it'll help add a bit of extra bulk to their muscles, particularly over the short-term, which is when you're looking for it right now with beach season coming.

Getting on a good protein powder will also make it easier to meet your protein and calorie requirements, particularly if you know you're going to be out for the afternoon on the golf course or something like that. You won't always have a full meal available to you, so taking along a shake and some trail mix is a great idea to fill this space in your diet.

A Good Protein Powder Will Make It Easier To Meet Your Protein And Calorie Requirements.
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A Good Protein Powder Will Make It Easier
To Meet Your Protein And Calorie Requirements.

      There are also a variety of

protein bars


snack foods

      that you should have a look at adding to your diet. While many of these will have some added sugars or extra fat, since your goal at this point is to get in more calories, it's not something to worry about.

A dieter would definitely be concerned, but for you it's a good thing. They are easy to transport around, making it ideal for those looking for quick snacks.

dot The Benefits Of Tanning: dot

      Finally, the last thing you should do is invest in a good


      . These are much safer than using a tanning bed and there are a variety of good tanners out on the market that look like a real tan, not some orangey spray-on color.

Having a tan naturally brings out the definition in your muscles and makes you look larger, so it's a very easy yet effective way to boost your appearance this summer.

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So, if you're gearing up for the summer activities you have planned but wish your body looked a little differently, get to work on this plan right away. With a solid effort in the gym and some good eating, you can notice significant improvements in yourself by the time you head out for your day on the beach.