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The Peak Performance Mindset: Pre-Game Mega-Confidence Programming!

With all confidence - and substantiation - I can genuinely tell you I'm the world's foremost sports and peak-performance hypnotherapist. Here, I will give you some impact tips on priming yourself for excellence, before you play!

Working with pro athletes on their mental game has been a passion of mine for almost 30 years now. I've worked with (and still work with) pro players and competitors in every sport (including bodybuilders who go on to win Mr. America, Mr. Universe, Mr. International, Arnold Classic, and Mr. Olympia titles). And I've worked with entire teams in the NHL, MLS (professional soccer), and MLB (major league baseball).

With all confidence - and substantiation - I can genuinely tell you that I'm the world's foremost sports and peak performance hypnotherapist. (Go to to review my voluminous pro athlete client list.)

I've worked on so many performance-related issues (with so many players) over the years. And there's one overall factor I see that, time and again, is responsible for a player tapping into, and generating their highest caliber performance.

This factor is total confidence. But, it can, and does, take many forms and guises. And how I help players achieve and express what I call Mega-Confidence differs from player to player.

When you have this Mega-Confidence as a player, you know it; you feel in control, in command of the situation, and that whatever might unfold during competition - you can effectively handle it.

Many say this confidence is a feeling. Many say it's an attitude. Many say it's a sense of, and connection with, a masterful level of power within you. And I've found all of these to be true ... collectively!

And the "secret" to performance strengthening confidence is to engage a cause leading to its onset. Sure, every player wants this kind of confidence I've been relating. But they - so many times - just essentially "hope" it will show up during their game, event or match. Sometimes it does; sometimes it doesn't.

But when you become pro-active in priming, indeed, mobilizing pre-performance confidence ... that's when it begins showing up more, and more predictably when you play.

I have many techniques and strategies I implement with my pro athlete clients. You have no idea about the pressure, expectation and demand players must negotiate at the pro level. - especially during, for example, the Super Bowl, World Series, Stanley Cup Finals, and Olympics. I've worked with clients through all of these events, helping them get the most and best out of themselves.

I'm going to give you a process to help you activate pre sports performance Mega-Confidence. It's a self-empowerment idea procession called "The Pre Competition Success-Psych"©. And it's something I have a majority of players I work with use before games.

Read through it thoughtfully and purposefully about one hour before you play, being sure to richly visualize - and f-e-e-l - each idea and concept you read.

Then, with the feeling stimulated through reading this process flowing through you ... begin your warm-ups — and then flow right into your game.

I'll tell you right here, the more you use this process, the more powerful and decisive your results will be; you'll be directly activating the feeling of confident power within you. And this feeling naturally fuels you playing at your peak.

At The End Of This Article, There's A News Video You Can Watch To See How Powerful I Am... And How I Practice What I Preach.

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Fuel Yourself To Play At Your Peak!

The Pre Competition Success-Psych
© Copyright 2007 Peter C. Siegel, R.H.

  1. And as I now mobilize my power and will, and get ready to compete - I recognize there is a capacity for excellence - a level of best within me; I've clearly experienced this part of myself in the past. And my determination - and full intent now - is to wholly demonstrate this part of me ... Yes -- right from the start!

    I Am Ready To Perform - Ready To Play
    Ready To Now Get My Job All - The - Way - DONE!

  2. I fully believe in my ability. I've got the skill I need to be effective. I've got the talent I need to stay effective. And I've got the determination - right now - I need to excel -Yes - and to generate the decisive performance impact I know represents my unquestionable competitive truth — that toughness, command, and genuine capability I recognize I possess ... Right Now!

    I Am Ready To Perform - Ready To Play
    Ready To Now Get My Job All - The - Way - DONE!

  3. I thoroughly believe in my self. Though others may have looked at practice sessions as "fun," or something they "have" to do - for me they've, ever more-so, been further sharpening my competitive "sword" ... My diligent practice efforts have notably honed my skill - strengthened my conditioning - and served to reinforce within me a profound mental toughness — and the affinity toward unyielding and conclusive personal triumph ... Yes - Right Now!

    I Am Ready To Perform - Ready To Play
    Ready To Now Get My Job All - The - Way - DONE!

  4. My practice efforts have also soundly magnified my confidence, and fueled a driving intent to prevail ... in every aspect of my competitive involvement — Yes - to do All that I know I can, am supposed to, should - and now determine I MUST! And to generate my actions in a way that firmly stamps my authority on the game -- and moves me to produce the kind of personal impact results I know ... I CAN!

    I Am Ready To Perform - Ready To Play
    Ready To Now Get My Job All - The - Way - DONE!

  5. I am not one who waits to "see what happens," and then reacts to it. No. I purposefully set in my mind - now - what will happen - what I Will do ... that's right m... And This is what I deliberately strive to make happen - and continue making happen as I play!

    I feel the surging power of decisiveness, and determination, notably unfolding within me - yes - the activated force of conquest that comes from my singular drive to now make my purpose - and my competitive intent - happen right from the start of my personal game involvement.

    With full conviction and resolve, I determine this is what I now Do! Yes - I am one who initiates; I am one who strives; I am one who goes for it - I am one who initiates the action ... which prevails!

    I Am Ready To Perform - Ready To Play
    Ready To Now Get My Job All - The - Way - DONE!

  6. I know what to do. And I know how to do it. Determination, invincible courage, conviction and resolve intensely stream through my mind and body now - moving me to run, throw, jump, move, swing, shoot, and execute with decisive authority — fiercely energized, success producing confidence freely flows through every fiber within me now, strengthening my emotional power - crystallizing my competitive purpose and intent — moving me beyond ready now ... and firmly into the realm of "All Systems Now Staged For CONQUEST"!

    I Am Ready To Perform - Ready To Play
    Ready To Now Get My Job All - The - Way - DONE!

  7. Am I mentally capable of being this? YES! Am I physically capable of doing this? YES! Am I absolutely committed to doing - and sustaining - this? YES! Is all of me now resolved to do, be, and emphatically produce this? YES!

    There are things for me to do that can, and should be done better by me, than by anyone else. And so now, it's time to play - my speed, my power, my skill, my ability, my intention, My way! Yes -- and to make what I know I'm capable of my clearly expressed, clearly demonstrated, conclusive performance FACT!

    I Am Ready To Perform - Ready To Play
    Ready To Now Get My Job All - The - Way - DONE!

  8. I am the embodiment of excellence, toughness, ability and drive. I am a command impact, triumph fueled player - a competitive warrior — a solidly trained, conditioned, mega-success driven player. And I remain the embodiment of this uncompromising excellence force ... All Game Long!

    And so, expressly fueled now by the single-minded will to dominate - I start off decisive and forceful, and become even more commanding as the game wears on. I am the one who now takes charge, and continually demonstrates, indeed, imposes My purpose, My will, My power, My skill; I am vigorously compelled - Right Now - by the deliberately tenacious, driving commitment to excel, to triumph ... to PREVAIL!

    Time To Play Now - Time To Fully Display My Power And Skill ...

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Additional Mental Training Resources For You!

Mental Training Resources

Let me also tell you that every pro-athlete client of mine also uses a book/CD program I produced entitled Sports Peak Performance Mega-Success Programming. This program is super heavy duty, and leads to incredible performance impact results. You can review it now at

And if you're a pro player who senses you can - and should be doing a lot better (consistently) than you are, I invite you to go to and contact me to explore how I can help you start truly playing as the Maximum You. There's plenty of Pete Siegel podcasts, streamed video of me in action, and testimonials; you'll get a sense of how powerful the results I'll help you achieve will be.

Go For it. And keep pushin' the envelope ... until you come to prevail!

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