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Mastering The Awesome Power Of Expecting Muscle-Building Success!

If your expectations are not strictly positive, success suggestive and confidence based, they're keeping you from developing the mindblowing muscularity you, no doubt, actually can! Get some effective tips ...

When your subconscious seriously expects you to get big and strong ... then, you will! A profound law of bodybuilding, and of life, is "What is expected, tends to be realized."

Take a moment here and think about what you expect from your workouts. For example, what do you usually expect when you go to the gym regarding:

  • Your performance level?
  • Your commitment/passion level?
  • Your intensity level?
  • Your set/rep completion drive?
  • The results your overall workout will provide you in terms of size progression?
  • Strength progression?
  • Definition progression?

I, of course, can go on and list 20 more workout related factors. The point here is that, in a majority of cases, you'll find your expectation going into a workout many times translates into experiential fact of life.

Your Personal Expectation Style

So what do you usually tend to expect regarding your set/rep performance and overall results as you head into a workout?

  • Do you expect the best - or the worst?
  • Do you expect success and completion - or problems and/or difficulties?
  • Do you expect proficiency and power - or vacillating focus and conviction levels?
  • Do you expect a lot of, and from, yourself (expecting a full degree of commitment and intensity will be generated each set) - or do you (honestly) hardly expect anything at all?

And here's an essential point I want you to get — if your expectations are not strictly positive, success suggestive, and confidence based, they're literally keeping you from developing the true degree of mindblowing muscularity you, no doubt, actually can!

Your Personal Expectation Style
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Keep Your Expectations Positive.

New Expectations Which Empower You

Have you ever had a workout that was beyond - way beyond - your "normal" range? Of course you have; you've likely experienced this workout dimension numerous times.

Was this a once in a million thing that just "somehow" happened? Or, was it power and determination generating through you, that you didn't even know you possessed?

I'll tell you right now, it was the latter - it always is! And what would happen if you began to expect through this part of you? What would happen if your expectations were of peak performance, and sustained intensity for each of your workouts? Hmmm ... interesting, huh!

Using Visualization To Enhance Your Sporting Prowess! Using Visualization To Enhance Your Sporting Prowess!
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Pre-Workout Steps:

    Go ahead and employ the following, and, as such, revel in your ability to project positive expectations which incite muscular progress.

    Before you begin your workout:

    1. Know your full set/rep game plan (what exercises you'll be performing, and the number of sets and reps you intend to do for each).
    2. Let your eyelids gently close, and vividly imagine yourself feverishly, purposefully driving the body part you'll be training to peak contraction with the first exercise you intend to perform. See, sense and experience yourself completing all intended reps for this first set of the exercise you'll be performing.
    3. Now, project yourself toward the end of your workout; imaginatively stand in front of one of the gym mirrors, and envision your physique a striking reflection of what you know you'll produce this workout through doing every set you perform in the manner you just visualized. (Take your time here and really envision - and feel - your overall expected workout results.)
    4. Richly sense the ability, drive and power within you to make what you just imagined, your physical fact of life.

    Then take a long deep breath, let your eyelids open, and begin your workout.

Your Personal Expectation Style
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Take A Deep Breath, Open Your Eyes
And Begin Your Workout.


Start expecting this new way now (the entire A-D pre-workout process should take you 20-25 seconds). And you'll quickly find your workout performance, and results, will start conforming to your new, expecting the best tendency.

Visualization. Visualization.
"To me visualization is a huge part of making gains as the mind is an incredibly powerful tool."
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Remember: expectations are your choice, and your responsibility. Go ahead now and make them pay you a decided, muscular impacting profit ... starting with your very next set!

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