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Shortcut To Size: Phase 2, Week 5, Day 30

Build your pulling power! Train your back for mile-wide lats, build bigger biceps with taller peaks, and target your core for total-body strength.

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How's it feel back in the 12-to-15 rep range? You should be coming off every exercise with a solid pump, target muscles full of blood. Not only does a pump feel (and look) great, but it's a sign that your working muscles are receiving the oxygen and nutrients they need to function, perform, repair and grow.

Since you've been lifting with me for 4 solid weeks, you should be getting a little more comfortable with my workouts. Don't get too cozy! Make sure to check the exercise list below, as select exercises will continue to change. Push yourself harder and harder with heavier weight, and you'll keep transforming. Let's get to work.

Terms You'll Need To Know

Rest-Pause: During weeks one and two of each phase of the program, you will do a rest-pause set as the last set of each exercise. To do this, reach muscle failure on the last set, then rack the weight and rest 15 seconds. Then continue the set until you reach muscle failure again.

Warm-up Sets: Perform 1-2 warm-up sets of 12-15 reps on the first exercise for all body parts, except abs and calves. Warm-up sets lubricate the joints, send blood to the working muscle, and prepare your body for a heavier load. After your warm-up sets, dive directly into the working sets below!

Day 30: Back/Biceps/Abs
*Shoot for at least 20-30 reps, but if you can do more, continue until reaching failure. If you cannot complete 20 reps, do as many as you can trying to get as close to 20 reps as possible.

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