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Jim Stoppani's 12-Week Shortcut To Size: Meal Replacements

Beat nutritional boredom with this gym-ready, Jim-approved Shortcut to Size food list. Get bigger. Get stronger. Don't get bored.

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The sample meal plan I offer is based around one rest day, plus additional pre- and post-workout nutrition for one training day. Given that you are training 4 days per week and have 3 rest days per week, that means you will be eating an additional 47 workout days and 35 rest days.

I do NOT recommend you eat the same meals far all of those days. (C'mon, I'm not that boring!) You can mix it up and find foods that best suit your tastes and schedule.

Consider this list your saving grace when you're not looking forward to yet another piece of salmon or bowl of oats.


Replace any of the meats (salmon or tuna) with any of these:


Although cottage cheese is one of the best forms of dairy because its so high in protein, you can also incorporate these dairy foods into the diet (Greek yogurt comes in a close second to cottage cheese):

Whole Grains

Replace any of the whole grains (oatmeal or whole-wheat bread,) with any of these:

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Replace any of the vegetables (broccoli or mixed green salad) with any of these:


Replace any of the fruit (cantaloupe, sliced pineapple, apple) with any of these:

Simple Carbs

Replace the post-workout gummy bears with any of these

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