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How To Stay Safe & Have Pain-Free Workouts

Research has shown that people who were very active athletically as a kid will be more prone to injuries then others who start out at an older age. Learn how to prevent it!

Safe & Pain Free Workouts

I have been competing in fitness and outdoor sports for sometime now but noticed as you get older your body changes and things take a little more work than they did when you were younger. Things we did as a kid really can affect us physically later on. I have always been competitive since I was a little girl.

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    I love to try anything once almost, I'm a risk taker - Jumping off cliffs, diving, racing, all different kind of dare devil tricks in sports. I am the type that if I saw someone doing it I wanted to try it. Well now I am paying for it. Research has shown that people who were very active athletically as a kid will be more prone to injuries than others who start out at an older age. It is from the wear and tear we have put our bodies through.

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Author, Traci Shoop.

    If you are like me who will always be a free spirit and young at heart you need to take precautions in your workouts and training. I had to learn gymnastics as an adult and that is a lot of pressure on your joints. Young girls all the time have problems with knees, wrists, and ankles so you can imagine what it puts on an adult.

    Plus, I have done bench-pressing competitions, tri-fitness, marathons, and along with my fitness training developed bursitis in my shoulder and have soreness in my left knee. I could always tell when it was going to rain before the weatherman did!

The inflammation of one or more bursae, or small sacs of synovial fluid, in the body. Bursae rest at the points where internal functionaries, like muscles and tendons, slide across bone. When bursitis takes hold, movement that relies on the inflamed bursa becomes rough and painful.

    I have clients ( soldiers and athletes) that live with pain everyday from jumping out of airplanes, survival training, and accidents or just from their sports training. When they come to the gym and work out they have days where they are constantly whining - "I HURT."

    This doesn't mean you should stop working out, just take the right precautions to safely and effectively do your workouts pain-free.

Pain-Free Workout Tips

1. Seek Professional Advice

Why Use Personal Trainers?
The idea of why a trainer may be useful for your particular fitness program may hinder on cost, scheduling times, location, or other factors. Here are some basic points that you should know.
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2. Use A Different Exercise

    If something hurts doing a certain exercise try and find another type of exercise that takes the pressure off that area. For example if you have shoulder problems stay away from the bench press awhile and use the chest press machine at a higher seat level or use the smith machine to stabilize the exercise.

Machine Machine
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Machine Bench Press.

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3. Focus On Flexibility

    Work on flexibility everyday for 15-20 minutes. Don't overstretch, just enough to help rehabilitate muscles.

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Stretch Everyday For 10-15 Minutes.

4. Try Yoga

    I recommend yoga and frequently getting deep tissue or ultra sound therapy once a week.

Yoga & Injury Prevention.
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Yoga & Injury Prevention. What do you guys think of yoga and pilates as a means of preventing joint-related injuries? I find that flexibility is the biggest factor in joint injuries.
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5. Rest

    Take rest days.

How Many Rest Days Do You Take Per Week?


6. Use Supplementation

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7. Get More Fluids

    Most importantly plenty of fluids, especially water.

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Get Plenty Of Water.


Always consult a physician by having an x-ray or MRI done on the areas to determine what would be best. Stay LIMBER!