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Traci Shoop's Arnold Experience

Seeing beautiful bodies SELL. But there is more to this sport.

The Arnold, which is held every year in Columbus, Ohio had a great success this year. There were over 600 exhibit booths and 70,000 people who attended. The weekend included events involving martial arts, gymnastics, cheer, dance, fitness, bodybuilding, and strength competitions.

This is one of the largest conventions which included some big names like Lou Ferrigno (The Incredible Hulk), Cory Everson, Strongman Bill Kazmeir, and James Hyde (The Young and the Restless), who happened to be at the booth I was at representing for WTF Inc. ( near the popular booth was Vpx Sports.

Although, the most popular and most important was the man himself ARNOLD. Smiling at me while walking down the isle shaking hands and greeting everyone on his way to do a special seminar for anyone who wants to learn from the best. Chills ran down my spine! (Burrr)

The event was fantastic and was surrounded by the most handsome and most beautiful athletes from all over the world. There I was in my shiny metallic blue outfit passing out bags of goodies and posing for photographs.

I was amazed at how many people were at this event. You could hardly move. Plus when we were giving free T-shirts out or posing for a photo; people would push and fight to get near you for a chance to get a t-shirt or a picture with you. There were tons of prizes and giveaways for everyone to a kid in a candy store.

I, my family and friends came home with tons of stuff. I will never forget my mother when they were doing a contest to giveaway shirts and prizes...see she is this little short redhead. It was so crowded that I don't even think her feet were touching the ground. She was screaming, "Help." I tried to help but I was stuck myself. Then she was GONE. I did find her later though.

It was a fun weekend but I was pooped from all the excitement. It was great seeing and meeting everyone from I had people coming up to me actually recognizing me and wanting my autograph. They mentioned recognizing my article on Thanks guys.

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