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Hardcore Delt Workouts!

Begin this workout with supersets of pull-ups (narrow-parallel grip) into wide grip pull downs. Do the pull-up negatives first and immediately do a set of the wide grip pull downs.

  • Begin this workout with supersets of pull-ups (narrow-parallel grip) into wide grip pull downs. Do the pull-up negatives first and immediately do a set of the wide grip pull downs. I do love this superset because it works the lats in two different spots without rest. Doing the wide grip pull downs right after the pull-ups stretches the outer lats a lot and pushes them further which can help with your width. On your set of wide grip pull downs, make sure you do at least another 8 reps so it really taxes the lats.
    • Next, do the old school favorite, the bent row.
    • Now try another variation of the bent row with dumbbells. Assume the position of the bent row as done before only this time you will be holding moderate dumbbells. The bells will allow a greater range of motion and will let you pull them up as high as possible because the bar wont be hitting your torso. At the top of these, really pull from your elbows and contract your back as hard as possible. You will notice a slightly different feel to these and it will feel good. You must concentrate on feeling the back muscles working.
    • Do high rep sets of the pullovers to completely exhaust the lats and get a good pump in the area.
    • Move on to rear delts at this time. Here is a superset that I love. First do bent dumbbell laterals for 3 drop sets and without rest, do a set of guillotines(like a bent row, just pull the weight to your throat instead of your waist) and be sure to use a moderate weight you can fully control and squeeze at the top.
    • Now, start with dumbbell curls on the preacher bench. Curl one arm at a time so you can get maximum neuromuscular stimulation into the one arm being worked. Work your way up to your heaviest set and do 6-8 reps.
    • Next, do hammer curls.
    • Finish with concentration curls and really contract the bis on this one as hard as possible and it will help your peaks a lot.
    WORKOUT # 4

  • Start this one with reverse, curl grip pull-ups on a straight bar overhead. These will be difficult at first, but the different grip will work your lats in a way they are not used to. Keep your hands about a foot apart or closer. Rather than concentrate on how many reps you do, worry more about the quality of each one. Get a full stretch at the bottom on this one cause it really does stretch the lats out with this grip position. The contraction is also very strong with this grip as well. Take full advantage of both. If doing pull-ups is too difficult for you(they are very difficult) then advance your pull down strength until you are ready for the pull-ups. Your focus should be on the pull-ups as they are MUCH more effective for building the back. Yes, I know they are hard but do them if you want improvement!
  • For rowing variety, this time do dumbbell rows instead of barbell rows. Again work your pulling muscles in your back instead of your waist from twisting your torso while cheating. Keep the form very strict on this one and really pull that dumbbell up as far as you can while knotting up your back muscles. Also try a set of these using both dumbbells at the same time instead of one. Just assume the bent row position and use the dumbbells. You'll like the feel of this one.
  • To finish of the upper lats, do a superset of pullovers into wide grip pull downs. You will always get a great burn with this one. Focus more on the burn and pump than on maxing out with this superset. Do your heaviest sets in the beginning on the most difficult exercises.
  • Now for an excellent upper back, trap, and rear delt blaster. The old school favorite, the power clean. This movement will get you exceptionally sore and build a good amount of muscle and strength in these areas. Its like an upright row only you pull the weight up till it rests on top of your shoulders. Since this is really a power lifting movement, don't be afraid to use body momentum on this one. Grab the bar about 2-3 inches wider than shoulder width with your arms hanging down. Explosively pull the weight upward until it is in the position you would be in if you were about to do a military press. Work your way up in weight on this one till you can barely do a few reps. Get ready to get sore!!! He He Ha Ha!
  • To work your bis, do some classic barbell curls in the style of 21s.If you don't know what these are, just scroll down on the main tips page and you'll find a description there.
  • To work the lower bis, this time do some incline dumbbell curls. Set the bench at about a 45 degree angle. You'll really feel a good stretch on this one!
  • Don't forget to do some reverse grip forearm curls as this will help you strengthen the weak links in your pulling chain. Remember to not overdo your bis in phase 2 because they already get a lot of work from hitting back so hard. Also don't neglect your forearms and rear delts because they are the weak links in pulling movements. Remember that you should take a big dose of L-glutamine after these workouts so your body can recover more efficiently. This supplement is well worth every penny you pay for it. I would also recommend doubling your protein intake as well. I did and gained more than ever before. This is just as important as how hard you train. Also, if you really want to get energized before a workout, take 25-50 mgs of ephedrine with 200 mgs of caffeine. This will charge your electrical system up so you can push your muscles harder. I also like to take an aspirin or two before a workout because it thins your blood and lets it flow through your capillaries much easier resulting in an improved oxygen supply to your muscles and better pump and pain tolerance in hard sets. Be sure to take a tablet of potassium and make sure you don't have low sodium because these two are absolutely essential for proper muscle activation from your nervous system. You must prep your body and mind for the trial by fire that is to come! These things I'll use before a workout help me the same way a nitrous blast will help a dragster! Give it a try!