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An Interview With IFBB Pro, David Henry.

Here is a quick interview with IFBB Pro, David Henry. See what he has been up to and what he needs in order to qualify for the Olympia. Learn more here...

[ Q ] What do you feel you need to do to your physique to get back in the top 3 and qualify for the Mr. Olympia at this Colorado Pro Show?

    [ A ] I feel there is nothing I need to seriously do. I know my mistake in prepping for these shows and I have learned my lesson. I do have more size so that will take getting used to for ripping it down to what I have been known for. I do want this though, make no mistake. I have the will to win and that's what I will keep in my head coming into any contest, including this one.

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David Henry At The 2007 Arnold Classic.
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[ Q ] How tall are you and how much do you feel your height has helped or hurt you as a professional bodybuilder?

    [ A ] I am 5'5" and I don't think height should play a factor at all on the stage. If it has hurt me, I can't see what else to state about it. I cannot help the fact I am a short person and as long as my body is where it should be, vertically challenged comments are nothing but negativity I choose not to feed into.

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David Henry At The 2007 Ironman.
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[ Q ] Word on the street is you will soon be married, do you feel this will be a distraction or a help to you as a Bodybuilder and why?

    [ A ] Word on the street is YES...I am getting married to the most awesome woman (Nicki) I have ever known in August of this year. I feel blessed to have her here in this regard and her assistance has been nothing short of amazing for me.

    She's the reason I have changed my whole dynamic as far as thinking and attitude toward this sport. So it will not be a distraction at all, and if it is a distraction, I'm sure it's one I don't mind having! She knows my dedication and keeps me on track, no matter what.

Guest: David Henry
Date: 02/27/06
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[ Q ] What do you think about the Best Presentation Award of $5,000.00 and what will you do to try and win it?

    [ A ] Well, entertainment is definitely one of the areas I want to work on but that's not my focus. Qualifying for the O is first and foremost, the rest is a bonus, if it happens!

David Henry Posing.

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[ Q ] How has being in the Military, serving your country helped you and your Bodybuilding career?

    [ A ] When I was in the military, I can't really say it helped with this. I did have the mindset to keep my integrity intact and my respect for others as well. But as far as helped my career, I go with, well it hasn't really done anything that I could not do on my own merit.

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