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A Quick Interview With National Champion, Johnny Jackson.

Here is a quick interview with National Champion, Johnny Jackson. See what he has been up to and what he needs in order to qualify for the Olympia. Learn more here...

[ Q ] What do you say to those people that think Pro BBer's are weak?

    [ A ] I tell them to buy my video.

[ Q ] You won the 1st pro show of your career last year, what do you have to do to win this one?

    [ A ] Come in with a more balanced package.

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Johhnie Jackson At The 2006 Europa.
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[ Q ] Do you feel that Pro Bodybuilding today is better career wise that it was in the 90's and why or why not?

    [ A ] Yes I think it's better because it seems we have a better opportunity to make a living at it.

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Johnnie Jackson At The 2006 Atlantic City Pro.
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[ Q ] How is training in Texas with guys like Branch, Ronnie, Quincy and Art?

    [ A ] I have been training by myself for the last past year or so, and I am just focusing on that.

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Johnnie O. Jackson.

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[ Q ] If you should qualify for the Mr. Olympia, tell us what you have to do as a Pro Bodybuilder to break into the top 5?

    [ A ] When I qualify for the O I will have to bring the best balanced and conditioned Johnnie Jackson judges have seen to date.

Colorado Pro Am Classic! Colorado Pro Am Classic!
The 2007 IFBB Shawn Ray Colorado Pro/Am Classic will be held in Denver, Colorado June 1st and 2nd. The weekend will include an expo and many events like MMA, boxing, strong man contest, bikini model search and more...
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