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An Interview With Mr. USA Dennis James!

Here are five questions with some great answers in a quick interview with Mr. USA, Pro Dennis James. See what he has been up to and what he planned for the future.

[ Q ] Tell us about your recovery from your Hernia Surgery and how has your training changed since then?

[ Q ] What are your reasons for choosing to compete in the Colorado Pro Am Classic, since you didn't last year?

    [ A ] My goal is to qualify for the 2007 Mr. Olympia which will be my 8th consecutive year doing the O. I would really like to put my name in the mix this year by trying to win all 3 shows in May and June, plus the prize money in Colorado is higher than the other spring shows and I think that makes it worth dieting for an additional 3 weeks.

Colorado Pro Am Classic! Colorado Pro Am Classic!
The 2007 IFBB Shawn Ray Colorado Pro/Am Classic will be held in Denver, Colorado June 1st and 2nd. The weekend will include an expo and many events like MMA, boxing, strong man contest, bikini model search and more...
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[ Q ] How is life living and training in Germany since leaving Thailand?

    [ A ] Life couldn't be any better being back in Germany, I had second thoughts at first, since my daughter was not familiar with the German language but she's been in Germany school for 2 ½ years now and is already one of the best students in class. It feels great being back home were I grew up close to my parents, my brother, my sister, nephews and nieces.

Guest: Dennis James
Date: 05/22/06
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[ Q ] What is your goal this year for competition weight and will that change after you qualify for the Mr. Olympia?

    [ A ] My goal is to be in my absolute best condition and I really don't care how much I will weigh when I step on stage. If I would have to guess then I would say anywhere from 245-253lbs instead of 260-65lbs. If the judges like the way I look at this weight then I won't change a thing for the Olympia 2007.

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Dennis James At The 2006 IFBB New York Pro.
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[ Q ] If you can change one thing about this sport, what would it be?

    [ A ] I would love to see every pro making enough money from the sport to at least be able to support his family.

Does Professional Bodybuilding Provide Enough Money For The Competitors?

Yes, The Pros Make Enough For What They Do.
No, The Pros Need To Be Paid A Lot More.
Not Sure.