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Pushing To The REAL Limit Of Your Strength!

Push it to the max with high intensity training techniques! Be prepared for the most amazing results you will ever see! The fact is, most lifters terminate the set far short of complete and true failure.

Here's your next training article ... this one is gonna be about a little trick I like to use on the very most important rep of any set which is the last one. Right now as you sit, you are stronger than you think because I know that 99 percent of the people I see training don't really use every bit of strength they possess for every set they do. The fact is, most lifters terminate the set far short of complete and true failure. Here's what I am talking about - say you do 8 reps, can't do another rep and rack it immediately. Well, every second you hold that weight past the last rep requires muscular effort and pushes your muscles further, every second especially on the all important last rep which determines the intensity of the entire set.

Instead of racking the weight when you can do no more full reps, keep it in your hands and bust out more partials till you can not move the resistance another inch ,much less a full rep and then hold at full extension for as long as possible until your muscles literally collapse. That is failure, not rep, rep rack. You'll see if you try it-its a whole new world of pain, effort and skin-splitting gains. Here's where I got the idea: I was watching the strongman competition guys deadlift cars and the winner was the one who could hold it up the longest. Tell me that is not more demanding than a few max reps with the same resistance and being done with it.

The spot you hold the weight in varies with different exercises. Of course you lock your benches out at full arm lockout. Do your set of benches till you can't do another full rep and begin with partials because you will still be strong enough to move the weight in the last few inches of the movement several more times. At this point, you have already presented a new and demanding challenge to your deepest strength reserves not normally tapped into. When you can't even do partials with a weight, you can still hold it in lockout for a good while until it finally snaps you. This will allow you to greatly extend the total amount of time you can spend letting a bone-crushing weight put its muscle-building pressure on your body and that equals more work done in a set and that equals progress. I love it.

Lets say your doing pull-ups heavy and hard on back day (like you should be)- You do x number of reps and cant pull yourself up there another time. You can be like everyone else and end the set, or you can go nuts and hold on at the bottom of the last rep like you are gonna fall of a cliff if you let go. Do that, and I money back guarantee you will feel a whole new world of pain in your lats, bis, and forearms you never knew existed. With this method, you can double the muscles time under tension with the same level of resistance and that means more intensity and growth. Its killer! Do this with barbell shrugs for nasty lookin' traps. Do it with military presses to thicken up your delts. Its beautiful on tris and bis as well. Try to focus more on the compound, big lifts like deadlifts, benches, military presses, etc ... for max size gains. Remember to get enough protein to maximize the growth you can get from this!